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How yoga in the workplace helps you to develop

Yoga is often referred to in “recipes” to improve our lives. Yoga brings many benefits to our physical, as well as mental health. However, it happens that yoga in the workplace can also be a great ally to consider in everyday professional life.

The refresher course is to learn how to use Excel or, as well as the very important study of German, which will help you get a promotion, probably they will be the first in your Objectives List. But if one day you wake up with a great blow from the witch, your boss complains about your work and you are very stressed about the job, there are other weapons to resort to. And the sooner you arm yourself, the better you can prevent and avoid these situations!

What are the benefits of yoga in the workplace?

Here are 4 benefits that you could get from practicing yoga and 3 small ways to get started.

1 – Counterbalance The “C”

The consonant “C” is not only the second letter of the “PC”, but also the form we all take a little after 8 hours a day sitting behind a desk, curving to respond to emails.

Yoga offers opposing movements, difficult to find in other sports or gym activities. They are the so-called “backbends”, or positions in which the back is arched (like Ustrasana or Raja Kapotasana), which allow us to unlock ourselves for a moment from that wrong “C” -shaped posture. Obviously, this type of exercise will give us the possibility of preventing, as well as helping to cure, many of the problems from incorrect posture.

2 – Improve concentration

From the dog upside down to the warrior’s positions, while we do yoga we train our abilities to concentrate on the movements, on the breath and on what our body is intent on doing at that precise moment. This ability can easily be translated from the yoga mat to the mouse pad.

3 – Maintain a professional relationship with colleagues

How many times have you regretted having responded impulsively to your colleague? Learning to count to 10 is not easy! It has been observed, however, that those who practice yoga generally acquire a greater ability to exercise their will and be able to “pause” the natural stimulus-reaction behavior we adopt every day.

4 – Improve the relationship with your boss

If we become better at “counting up to 10”, the relationship with our boss will also benefit. Yoga also helps us to develop greater emotional intelligence and to have more empathy towards those around us. The boss-employee relationship can improve a lot if only there was more harmony and understanding between the two parties.

How to start getting these benefits from practicing yoga?

Yoga may not necessarily be an extra element to add to your long list of goals.

Here are 3 little things you can do every day …

  • Yoga in the chair: Stop for 2 minutes and move your neck left and right or stretch your arm and shoulder muscles while sitting in your chair at the desk.
  • 10 minutes of yoga before and after work: Follow these short practices at home in the morning before going to the office or in the evening before bed.
  • “Mindfulness” in moments of pause: Are you walking with your cup of coffee from the machine to your desk? Concentrate on the steps and the way you walk and stop thinking for a second at the next meeting (this is also yoga!)

I hope these ideas of yoga in the workplace can help you get promoted and at the same time keep you happy and healthy.


Hi, I am Maria John; I am an entrepreneur, mother, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.

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