Shadowboxing: The Latest Exercise Phenomenon

Over the last few years, various exercise crazes have captivated fitness fanatics. Now, however, there’s a new go-to practice. In the late-19th century, George Dixon – arguably the best featherweight boxer of all time – reportedly invented shadowboxing. In the past, the routine was a training technique for professional boxers, although it has since become a fitness phenomenon among non-boxers. So, let’s take a look at the health benefits of shadowboxing.

Build Muscle Memory and Lose Body Fat

By definition, Expert Boxing details the practice as a one-person exercise to hone techniques, condition muscles, warm up and down, and help mental preparation. Of course, these are unique to boxers, but that doesn’t mean that non-boxers can’t reap the rewards of shadowboxing. Although the exercise may not seem as strenuous as alternate regimes, it does possess numerous benefits. One of which relates to muscle memory. Because of the repetition involved in throwing combat combinations, the fighting art form should, theoretically, get less demanding with frequent practice. In turn, as specific movements become instinctive, this also aids reaction times.

While heightened muscle memory is perhaps more important to professionals, such as Tyson Fury, who, as of March 1st, is 8/15 in boxing betting to beat Anthony Joshua in their upcoming heavyweight title fight, non-professionals will benefit from the exercise’s weight-loss advantages. At the time of writing, there’s a growing belief that shadowboxing is one of the best cardio workouts of the 2020s. Regarding results, Muscle and Fitness report that those engaged in the routine can burn upwards of 400 calories per hour. Not only that, but Health Slots, who cites the Journal of Sports Science, states that shadowboxing showed impressive weight-loss results in overweight athletes.

A Convenient Exercise

Aside from the health benefits of shadowboxing, it’s arguably one of the most convenient exercises available. Because the practice doesn’t require any equipment, there’s no cost before getting started. As such, anyone can begin putting together boxing combinations as and when they feel like it. That said, for those wanting to up the tempo of their workout, you can introduce appropriately-weighted dumbbells. As the pressure of additional mass places more strain on the arms, this enhances muscle build-up.

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Furthermore, shadowboxing doesn’t require too much space. As such, it’s a portable exercise. For those working in limited space, this practice enables you to keep active and stay on top of your workout regime. However, according to Evolve MMA, it’s advisable to practice in front of a mirror. The reasoning for this concerns analyzing both form and technique. To maximize results, it’s pivotal to embrace subtle changes to movement and posture. By standing in front of a mirror, you can keep a watchful eye on your progress. Moreover, for some, this could also be motivational.

Why Not Give Shadowboxing a Try?

Although it may seem unnatural at first, shadowboxing is a beneficial exercise option. If you’re wanting to get into boxing or wish to build muscle memory and lose body fat, look no further than this combat-orientated practice. Crucially, with little room and no equipment required, you can get started at a convenient time.

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