Planning the Ultimate Bachelor Party is a Right of Passage – Use These Tips To Get it Right

Not to put any pressure on you or anything, but you only have one opportunity to throw your best friend the ultimate bachelor party. You may plan several bachelor parties over the course of your lifetime, but whomever you throw a party for only gets one final free-for-all. It is on you to ensure that that free-for-all is worth the backlash the person of honor receives from his bride-to-be the next day. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas that will blow his socks off, use the following four tips to get you started.

Set a Budget

You may hold the attitude that nothing is too extravagant for your bestie, but while you and he may feel perfectly fine blowing a thousand bucks on the ultimate weekend getaway, remember that other members of the party may not share your gold-standard love for the groom. Keep others’ limits in mind when picking the location, the duration and the entertainment for the weekend. If you have high hopes of extravagant bottle service and first-rate strippers but don’t want to make other party-goers loathe you for the hurt you put to their wallets, check out daily specials at gentleman clubs and other entertainment spots in the city in which you plan to host the party.

Pick the Location

Once you determine a budget, it’s time to pick the location. brobible shares a list of the 12 best locations to host a bachelor party and the merits of each listed locale. If you’re on the East Coast, Atlantic City is an affordable Vegas alternative. Cancun is always a great option if you’re looking for sunshine and beaches. However, it’s a bit pricier than state-side destinations, so, again, keep budgets in mind. Nashville, which has recently earned the nickname “NashVegas” ranks towards the middle of the list as it’s easy to get to for people in the Midwest and the South and it has a lot to offer. Austin, Charleston, and New Orleans also top the list for their “pretty women,” numerous bars, and generally good weather.

The number one spot to throw a bachelor party, however, is – you guessed it – Sin City. There are plenty of affordable hotels both on and off the strip, crazy pool parties, prime eateries, first-class gentlemen clubs, and bars everywhere. If you don’t want to sit at a bar stool just to enjoy a beverage, you don’t have to. Las Vegas is one of those rare places where you can walk down the street with a 40 in hand.

Time it Right

Traditionally, bachelor parties were held on the night before the big day, but as these last hoorahs get more and more out of control, hosting a bachelor or even bachelorette party the night before the happy couple is to exchange vows is a big no-no. Neither bride nor groom wants to start their life together hungover. Ideally, you should schedule the event up to a month before the big day, but if most of the wedding party is traveling from out of town to get to the wedding venue, a week prior to the exchanging of vows is fine too. Send out invitations or make phone calls at least one month in advance so as to give everyone time to prepare.

Keep the Groom’s Wishes in Mind

Finally, don’t plan your best friend’s bachelor party based on your own visions of what a bachelor party should look like. If you’re more of the “clubbing-in-Vegas” type person and he’s more of the “sit-back-on-the-beach-with-a-beer” type person, a party in Vegas is likely to be more of a chore to him than a fun time. Ultimately, the party’s about him, so keep his wishes in mind when planning it.

It doesn’t take much to plan the ultimate bro-fest for your best friend. However, one wrong move and you risk turning what could have been a fun last weekend with the guys into one expensive disaster.

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