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Xiaomi presents its new Mi Box 4 and 4c: with 4K HDR and more Artificial Intelligence

Xiaomi has just launched in China two new models of its successful Mi Box: the new Xiaomi Mi Box 4 and Mi Box 4c. This is the new generation that comes to replace the Mi 3s and 3c launched in November 2016, and those additional improvements like HDR in addition to 4K, better sound and a recommendation system based on artificial intelligence.

Xiaomi has managed to position its Mi Box 3 with 4K in a very good way in the market, becoming authentic alternatives to the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Its successors come to try to reinforce this position with a new design, improving the reproduction of 4K and adding some new functions without touching too much the specifications.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4, with better sound, HDR, and AI

Xiaomi Mi Box

Both devices have a thickness of 1.6 centimeters and a weight of only 145 grams, with a design slightly less oval and more square than in its previous generation. The most powerful of these is the Mi Box 4, which comes in white, and includes the same 2 gigs of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage as its predecessors.

It includes a 64-bit processor and a GPU of which Xiaomi has not given more details, and about its software, at the moment we only know that it will have Android TV with an interface based on MIUI. As for ports, we have an AV interface, an HDMI, and a USB to connect peripherals, as well as support for playing 4K HD * content, compatibility with the h.265 format, and new support for Dolby and DTS audio.

The Mi Box 4 and 4c will also include an improved version of PatchWall, the voice assistant that they have already started using the previous versions. As then, this AI will continuously monitor user viewing habits to be able to suggest different types of content that may interest them. For this, for example, you will consider the reviews and comments on the films before recommending them.

In addition to this, the wizard implements the possibility of using voice commands. With them, we can perform searches using keywords, open applications, or perform small tasks such as checking the time of day or open the calendar. It will be necessary to prove it to see to what extent it can aspire or not to be an alternative to Assistant.

Mi Box 4c

Xiaomi Mi Box

Xiaomi has also released a slightly humbler version of its device, the Mi Box 4c. It is a device very similar to its brother in terms of hardware and software, with the only difference being that it has a somewhat more modest memory configuration, with only 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. The color is also different, which in this case comes in matt black.

Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 4c, price and availability

The Xiaomi Mi 4 has been presented with a price of 349 yuan, which change to be about 47 euros. The Mi 4c, on the other hand, has a price of 249 yuan or 33.58 euros. As for their release dates, both can be booked already in China, with an estimated release date for February 1.

Xiaomi has not yet revealed its plans for international launch, so we will have to wait and see if at the Mobile World Congress 2018 within a month they give new information about their devices.

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