How to Make Your Website More Appealing by Yourself?

Making a visually-attractive website is key to expanding your business. Although you can always pay someone to do it for you, it would be better and more valuable to you if you try and do it by yourself. A little bit of emotional touch will do no harm to you nor your visitors, right?

That being said, you need to make a marketing strategy plan. Ask yourself:

  • What to include on the website?
  • How to name the categories?
  • Which audience am I trying to attract?
  • Do I know how to organize it?
  • What would my logo and theme look like?

These 5 questions are essential and need an urgent answer. So let’s start at the beginning.

What to Include on the Website? How to Name the Categories?

No matter what type of business you’re trying to present and advertise, an online casino or a toy company, there are some basic things you need to remember, as you can see here. You need to have your categories named clearly and concisely. So, if for example, you have a toy business, you need to arrange the toys you’re selling into special categories: boys’ toys & girl’s toys, or aged 1-4, 6-12 etc. Make a clear distinction and let your customers know what you’re offering from the first glance. Having your site well-organized is crucial.

Which Audience Am I Trying to Attract?

Of course, for the toy example, you’re trying to impress parents first, then kids. But, let’s take another example. Say you have a blog about a healthy lifestyle. How do you know who your audience is? It can be anybody, from young girls to old ladies. That is why you need to include categories for everybody’s taste and needs. For example, you should include a Beauty Tips category for the young girls, Homemade Remedies for the old ladies, Prenatal Care for young women etc. Having all of your visitors engaged and satisfied is of paramount importance.

Do I Know How to Organize All of This?

Yes, you do. First, you need to brainstorm. Think about all the things you need to include and make a list of categories where you will include them. Secondly, check the list and see whether you’ve included categories for each of your target audiences. You need to mention all the basic and additional things your business is based on and your site should look impeccable and really well-organized. And finally, start creating your website.

What Would My Logo and Theme Look Like?

Creativity and effort are the things that internet users appreciate the most. That’s why you need a catchy logo and a tastefully colorful background. This is the part where you need to put the most effort into. If you’re not creative or good at design, this is where you need to ask for help. Ask a friend or a professional who’s good at designing logos and get the job done. Remember, the logo is what you’re known for on the internet today. Don’t mess it up.

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