Improving TV reception: 5 key suggestions

If bad reception is hindering your ability to enjoy TV programmes uninterrupted, there are a few things you can do to improve it without having to break the bank. Here are just five tips to try today.

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Investigate the cables

Sometimes the best solution to your TV reception woes is also the simplest, as aerial cables can deteriorate over time and replacing them is cheap and easy.

Look for obvious physical damage to cables to get a quick idea about whether it is time to swap them out for newer versions.

Amplify the signal

If your aerial splits the broadcasts it receives across multiple TVs in your property via a splitter, then this division of the signal can compromise quality. A pre-amplifier can solve this, ensuring that the signal within the wiring in your house is as strong as possible.

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Invest in a booster

This is usually an extra that will only be worth buying if you know that the area in which you live is notoriously bad for TV coverage and there is nothing you can do to alter this fact. A booster can help clear up the signal a little for a single TV set but does have the downside of being more likely to suffer interference in its own right, whether from other electronic devices or variations in the surrounding spectrum.

Replace your aerial

Sometimes a dodgy or outdated aerial can be the culprit behind bad TV reception, so replacing it with professional help is the obvious step to take.

Whether you are looking for TV Aerial Installation in Bath or any other part of the UK, there are lots of competitive providers that can upgrade your existing setup. TV aerial installation in Bath is also affordable and fast.

Switch service providers

There are lots of different ways to watch TV today, not all of which rely on traditional over-the-air broadcasts. The internet has become more important, for example, with even World Cup coverage taking the leap into the virtual reality realm this year –

To that end, if your TV signal simply will not improve no matter what you try, now might be the time to make a change.

Whether you opt for an IP-powered TV service that streams to a set-top box, or a satellite-based platform, this may deliver the good reception you crave.

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