How to Travel Only With Hand Luggage: 5 Easy Tips for Plane Lovers

When you go on a trip, you think you must take everything with you. Of course, all your clothes and beauty products will never tuck into your hand luggage, and you’ll have to take a bulky suitcase with you.

As a result, your plane ticket is more expensive than it could be without it, and you spend money on things you could spend wiser, for example, get a sightseeing tour or try your luck in But if you are just planning your vacation, you can still buy a cheaper ticket and travel only with your hand luggage, and these tips will help you.

Think About What You Don’t Need to Take With You

Instead of arguing with security or getting rid of valuable items, you can take some supplies on the spot. This approach will not only save you from scandals but will also help you free up space in your bag.

First, make a list of all the items you might need, then divide it into 2 columns. The first will include things that you are not allowed to take on the spot, such as expensive shampoo or prescription pills. The second column is the things you can do without during the flight: disposable razors, nail scissors, or files. Nothing stops you from buying these items wherever you’re flying.

Get Refillers and Substitutes

Stores have long sold reusable travel-size bottles. You can fill them with your favorite shampoos, shower gels, and mouthwashes. Their volume is usually less than 100 ml, but that’s enough for several uses.

If you don’t want to buy anything on arrival or look for the right refillers, think about the analogs allowed to be carried. You can take powdered or brushed shampoo instead of liquid shampoo, a hair removal gel instead of a razor. It’s also worth taking care of snacks. Some passengers prefer to take protein bars or fruit instead of bulky lunchboxes.

Make Sure You Need Gadgets

Airlines place almost no restrictions on carrying small electronics. Sometimes bans are placed on items that can explode during the flight.

Before taking a laptop, camera, or other bulky gadgets, think about whether you need it that much on your trip. It’s not uncommon for passengers to not use electronics other than their smartphones.

When packing, don’t forget your portable batteries: they’re especially useful during long flights.

Fewer Clothes, the Better

Often passengers, especially if they travel by air for the first time, take clothes for all occasions. In fact, only a couple of T-shirts, jeans, and underwear will be useful.

Think about what clothes you definitely need, and without what items you can survive a couple of days. Find out if there is a washing machine and space for drying clothes in your apartments. That way you don’t have to pack a clean outfit for every day.

When packing clothes, try not to fold them, but to roll them up. This way you’ll save space in your carry-on bag, and you can quickly find the thing you need without creating chaos. If you need to carry bulky items, pack them in vacuum bags or put them on shortly before the flight.

Be Aware of the Rules

Usually, airlines set their restrictions and rules, but the list of things you can’t carry in your carry-on baggage is about the same:

  • Any piercing-cutting items. These include razors and blades, knives and scissors, nail files, knitting needles, screwdrivers, and other working tools.
  • Deodorants are not accepted.
  • Sports equipment. Snowboards, bicycles, skateboards and other equipment should be transported in luggage.

It is important to know about the maximum allowable dimensions. Most often they depend on the class of the airline. And it’s not only about the bag and its weight but is also about the volume of bottles you are allowed to take. Read these rules on the site of your airline beforehand and follow them. Otherwise, you will have problems while checking in.

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