How to take care of your mattresses properly?

Using the mattress according to the rules will allow you not only to use it for as long as possible, but also, if necessary, with full right to take advantage of free warranty service. This post does a good job explaining how to take care of your mattresses properly yourself.

What to do with a new mattress?

New mattresses are supplied in sealed protective packaging, which is why a new product may retain the factory smell for some time. To make the smell disappear faster, you can uncover the product or vacuum it with a furniture attachment.

A new product should be left to ventilate for at least 24 hours. A complete factory smell can disappear in up to 3 weeks. The retention of the smell of products made from natural materials for a long time is considered the norm.

If the mattress is rolled up or crowded, you can sleep on it only two days after unpacking. The hermetically sealed model must completely “straighten out” within 10 days.

Unpacking a crowded or compressed product in the cold season should be started a day after it has been warm. A rolled-up hard orthopedic mattress should not be stored in the package for more than 4 weeks.

How to extend mattress life?

  • The product should not sag over the edge of the bed, nor should it be squeezed to fit in a bed frame that is too small in size;
  • The foundation. The base should be a bottom with slats not less than 3.8 cm wide, or a hard sheet of wood or plywood with ventilation holes (distance from the floor from 10 cm). It cannot be based on another mattress, uneven surface, or floor. For products over 120 cm wide, a base with central support is required. The distance between the slats should be no more than 1.5 times the diameter of the mattress spring. For latex and coir models the maximum distance between the lamellas is 4.5 cm, for products made of patented Vegas materials – 8 cm;
  • The mattresses are intended only for lying down, therefore jumping and walking on the product are not allowed, and you should also not constantly sit at the same point on the mattress. The maximum possible load on the model can be found in the warranty card;
  • When changing linen and after a storage period, the mattress must be ventilated by removing the cover;
  • For even wear, the mattress needs to be turned every three months, and once every six months – turned over to the other side;
  • The humidity level in the room where the mattress is used should be no more than 70%, dampness, and soaking of the product is unacceptable;
  • Sun and warmth. Mattresses are used at a temperature of 15-30C. Do not place the product at a distance closer than 1.5 m to heating elements, and also leave it in the sun;
  • The mattress can be stored vertically for more than 1-2 days; the product can be stored for a long time only in a horizontal position;
  • Mattresses must not be folded or folded even for a short time. Please note that vacuum-packed spring models are rolled at the factory in a special installation. After unpacking, it is impossible to re-roll such products, and bending in half can irreparably damage the springs;
  • The possible cleaning methods depend on the filling of the mattress and are indicated on the tag sewn into the mattress cover.

What to do if something is spilled on the mattress?

Blot the stain as soon as possible and allow the mattress to dry completely before further use. If a liquid with a strong odor is poured onto the product, it is better to dry-clean it.

To protect the mattress, you can buy a mattress topper or use a special oilcloth. Thin orthopedic mattresses used to increase comfort levels do not have a waterproof layer and cannot be used as a mattress topper. If you use both main and thin mattresses, the mattress topper should be placed on top of the thin mattress. A stretch sheet with an elastic band will help to maintain such a structure.


Be sure to keep the mattress label and warranty card – these documents are the basis for obtaining service. The coupon issued at the time of purchase of the mattress must be stamped by the seller and contain the date of sale. The supplement to the ticket usually also contains the rules for using the mattress.

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