How to measure internet

How to measure internet speed and connection quality yourself?

Do you have slow internet? Several factors can make the internet slow. For various reasons, your actual internet connection speed may therefore be lower than that indicated in your subscription. And often it is! But how do you know how fast (or slow) your connection is? Let’s see how to measure internet speed?

Steps to measure internet speed

Several online tools allow you to test your internet speed and measure your real connection speed. These tests measure your internet connection speed and help you figure out if there are problems with your connection. Below I explain how Internet speed tests work and the best sites to test.

Once you have measured your connection speed, return to the lesson on the causes of slow internet to find out how to speed up the internet.

The Best Internet Speed ​​Test platforms

I recommend that the internet speed tests are all free and fast. Since they are available online, you don’t need to install anything on your computer to test. Carrying out the test on the sites I indicate does not involve any risk for your computer’s security. You can measure your internet on Speedcheck website.

The tests that measure your Internet connection speed (called test internet speed, internet speed test, internet speed test ADSL, etc) are good for any type of connection.

ADSL Speed ​​Test by SOSTariffe

An independent service that you point out is the Speed Test ADSL to SOS Rates. It is based on but offers the possibility to compare various offers and receive updates on offers with the best speed-price ratio.

What do you do with this certification?

Simple: it is the only official document to make complaints with your operator for the slow connection! This Resolution requires using a specific official service to measure the speed of the provider’s connection. To initiate a formal complaint by the law and regulate the process and times for responding to the complaint.

Check Internet Connection Quality

If you have slow internet problems, the main cause may be the quality of your operator’s ADSL connection.

The AGCOM (Authority for Guarantees in Communications) launched the Internet Measure project in 2008, with the dual objective of:

  • Create a comparative system of certified measurement of the quality of Internet connections offered by Internet Providers (the companies that provide you with the Internet)
  • Facilitate any complaints process in non-compliance with the speed values ​​indicated in the contract between the provider and the user.

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