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How to make new friends in 5 simple steps

A moment of renewal, a new city, need to make new acquaintances? Let’s find out the 5 steps that will help you make new friends.

There are several reasons why it may be “lawful” to want to make new friends: you are no longer comfortable with old ones, you need new stimuli, you are looking for new acquaintances, you need to renew yourself, there is a change of cities and whoever has more. Over time, friendships evolve and it can be more difficult to find compatible personalities. Especially if you have a shy and reserved character it can be more complicated to succeed, but here are 5 steps that will help you meet new people! With the hope to find a friend like this …

1. How to make new friends? Increase the possibilities of comparison

To learn how to make new friends, learn to offer and accept multiple invitations, even for a cinema or coffee. Create situations where it is possible to meet new people, such as a corporate party, a different course in the gym, a relaxing activity such as yoga, a theater subscription. If you have hobbies, share them, and don’t be afraid to embark on new experiences, even solo and unexpected, (like volunteering) because they offer the opportunity to discover new sides of you too. One of the difficulties you have in making new friends often depends on the difficulty of meeting different and stimulating people, because we lock ourselves in the habits: we always do the same things, we always go to the same places, without taking into account the fact that the world, around the corner, is full of opportunities that allow us to broaden our horizons and meet interesting and, above all, very different people with us, with which friendship starts like love at first sight. The watchword is: to increase the possibilities of comparison, therefore, by launching into different experiences. Only in this way will we increase the chances of pleasant and different encounters!

2. Interact with others to make new friends

How to make new friends? Don’t be afraid to interact with those who don’t know you. Sometimes a smile is enough to attach a button. Interested in what the other person does, ask and let ask, remember that people always like being able to say something about themselves. Break the initial embarrassment and show yourself for who you are: every human being has a treasure trove of stories that we too often keep for ourselves. Sharing is essential to starting a new friendship relationship: sharing your experiences, letting others share theirs. Obviously, you have to predispose yourself to new discoveries and open your mind: welcome without judging too much. And pay attention to body language! You can say more than you think …

3. For new solid friendships, be authentic

The basic rule for making new friends is: NO FALSITY. When a person is false to you, you perceive it and you notice it, and so it also happens for those who interact with you. This does not generate empathy but misunderstandings, annoyance and obviously prevents the relationship from being born or evolving. We are driven to show only the “best part of ourselves” when we meet new people, forcing attitudes that in the end do not make us feel satisfied, but only exhausted: this derives from having kept our true personality all the time of the discussion. Being authentic is essential to create new bonds that are also stable. Support, affection, respect and the freedom to be yourselfthey must be the pillars of a bond. So try to be “yourself” as much as possible, have faith: if you do not go well as you are, then the other is not good for you!

4. To make new friends, don’t focus on victimisms and misfortunes

It would be an easy card to play: that of “I have them all, stay close”: making new friends means finding someone who wants to share experiences, emotions, moments of life with us, not someone who frequents us because he feels a magone inside when he meets us. Of course, sharing means talking about one’s own frailties or problems, but it doesn’t mean using them as a pivot to attract new people. If we have values or something interesting to say, we wouldn’t need these “subterfuges” to attract people around.

5. If you want to make real new friends, don’t give up on your thoughts

To make new friends, the real ones that fill our lives and the days, we must learn a fundamental rule: loving or being loved never means giving up your point of view, even if it is different or contrary to that of the people who surround. Having ideas means having something to discuss. And the truth is only one: true friends discuss, compare, debate even heatedly, because they are aware that it will not be a discussion that will undermine their affection. Because it is through debate that we grow and become the best version of ourselves. Giving up your own ideas, bowing to those of others, both in love and in friendship, is a mistake to always avoid! W discussions and new friendships!

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