How to make gloves

How to make gloves

You need gloves for your daily work especially when you are aware of your hand and nail. Your hand and the smoothness of your nails can be damaged when you plant a new flower plant in your garden. At that time you need hand gloves. Because that time soil can insert into your nail and also damage your nail smoothness. Or when you are cooking at that moment you need gloves otherwise there is a possibility to burn your hand.

To protect your hand and nail from these hazards you can use gloves. And you will be happy that you can make gloves at your home quality almost brand new gloves just follow the instructions on how to make gloves.

Select cloth for gloves

The first task is to select the cloth. Selecting cloth depends on you and what type of task you want to do after wearing the hand gloves. If you make gloves for your oven or hold something hot then you need a thick cloth. For this, you can use denim because denim is thick and denim can bear high temperatures also object temperature can’t pass through the denim quickly so your hand is safe.

Keep in mind that never use linen and silk to make hand gloves to hold the hot object. Because these types of cloth melt quickly.

If you want to make hand gloves for gardening purposes then you can select soft cloth like a t-shirt.

How to make gloves by sewing machine

After selecting the cloth now you need to cut off the cloth according to your hand shape. I’m sure now you are a little bit worried that how to cut off the cloth according to your hand shape. Don’t worry a simple way is waiting for you.

First, lay down the cloth on a flat surface like a table. Now level it to the table so that there is no fold. Put your hand on the cloth and take a ball pen. Now draw the ball pen according to your hand shape and lift your hand. See you can easily draw it. Follow the same procedure for another hand.

Now take another piece of cloth to make a pair then pin up them or you can sew them temporally so that they don’t move.

Now you can sew it permanently just by following the line. If you have a sewing machine then you can do it smoothly. There are various types of sewing machines like table sewing machines, portable sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, etc. You can accomplish your task with a normal sewing machine.

If you don’t have a sewing machine then you can do it with your hand just you need a needle and yarn. But it is a little bit hard if the cloth is thick like denim. For this, you need a thick needle and a sewing thimble. Sewing a thimble isn’t necessary but it will save your finger from inserting the needle into the finger.

Now cut off the spare part of the glove with scissors then invert the gloves so that the outer part goes to the inner.

Denim cloth is thick so all needly are not perfect for denim because sometimes needles can be broken.

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