how to make a vase in minecraft

How to make a vase in minecraft?

If you’re like me, you may have a lot of things in your home that is just not quite right. Maybe the vase on your mantle is crooked or maybe one of your decorative statues has fallen over and isn’t as impressive as it once was. Luckily, with this article, you will learn how to make a vase in Minecraft!

How to make a vase in Minecraft?

-First, you will need to gather some clay from the ground. This can be found in many biomes, but it is most prevalent in deserts and savannas. If you don’t see any nearby, try traveling to those biomes or looking around your current biome until you find some!

-Once you have collected the clay, head back home and place it on your crafting table. You should see a new recipe called “Vase”.

-Click on the recipe and you will be able to craft your vase!

-You can decorate this new creation with flowers or other decorations.

-When you are done, place your vase in a chest or any other container. When you want to use it again, just right-click on the vase and select “Place”.

Make Glass

To make glass, use the furnace to smelt sand into glass. Glass panes can be made by using glass (the block) in a furnace. Glass is used to make windows, vases and more. Glass panes are also used for windows, vases and many other things.

Make 2 glass blocks

You can make glass blocks in Minecraft by using sand and glass. You can get sand from breaking glass, or you can mine it underground. To make the blocks, put both ingredients into the crafting table and then click on the recipe, which will produce two glass blocks.

Make a Glass Pane

The next step is to make a glass pane. Once you have that, it’s time to add the vase to your house. Place the glass pane on top of the vase and watch as its shape takes effect. Add flowers or other decorations as desired!

Make 6 glass panels to make a vase

You will need to make 6 glass panels, which can be crafted by placing one piece of sand in the middle of a crafting table. Once you have all 6 glass panels, place them on the ground, wall and ceiling of your vase.

Take note that each panel has to go on a different block type. It’s okay if they are not in a straight line but they must be separated from each other. Be sure not to put any blocks between the panels!


As you can see, making a vase in Minecraft is not a difficult thing. It only requires some basic crafting skills and knowledge about how to use those materials. If you want to make the most beautiful vases for your home, then this guide will help you out.

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