How to lighten hair naturally: 10 simple and effective methods!

How to lighten hair naturally: 10 simple and effective methods!

Lightening your hair naturally is possible! There are in fact simple do-it-yourself methods that allow us to obtain delicate lightening effects with the sun and give our hair a vibrant and natural color. Here are 10 different ways- how to lighten hair naturally.

Do you want to lighten your hair naturally but don’t know how? Well, you’re in the right place. Below we will reveal ten effective ways to try at home for sun-kissed lightened effect hair and give your hair some DIY highlights, all with the simple use of ingredients and natural remedies.

Let us first make a necessary premise: lightening hair with natural methods will give the desired result, especially if we start with a light or light brown base, whoever has brown or black hair may notice a slight variation in tone, particularly in summer, when it joins the lightening action of the sun. In general, however, the darker the hair, the lighter it will be.

Before seeing in detail 10 ways to achieve do-it-yourself blond reflections, let’s remember that it is always essential to take care of your hair, just as the following video suggests.

1. Lemon juiceHow to lighten hair naturally: 10 simple and effective methods!

The lemon really works wonders when you want to show off a lighter color! Squeeze two and then pour the juice into a cup of water. Apply everything directly to the hair and leave for about half an hour. Then proceed with the washing, taking care however to use nourishing and emollient products to avoid an excessive sensation of dryness.

2. Lighten the hair with chamomile

It is not necessary to use specific products to lighten the hair, we can use simple ingredients that we find at home and assemble them with a pinch of ingenuity. The first of the natural remedies is an infusion of chamomile to be applied after shampooing.

To prepare the infusion

Put water and two chamomile sachets in a container, bring the infusion to a boil and leave to cool. After shampooing, sprinkle it over your hair and let it dry naturally.

If you repeat the treatment consistently, you can give your hair ultra-reflective blond hair a sunkissed effect.

3. HoneyHow to lighten hair naturally: 10 simple and effective methods!

Before washing your hair, apply a mask based on honey, lemon and a pinch of balm, even better if with chamomile.


-3 teaspoons of acacia honey

2 teaspoons of balsam

-1 tbsp of lemon juice

Mix everything together to obtain a cream-like mixture, spread it on the top and leave for 40-50 minutes. Finally, proceed with a normal wash.

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4. Beer

Beer is a great way to get honey highlights. This time, however, we act before washing. Just take a can of lager, let it boil out, pour the contents into a bowl and soak your hair for five minutes. We wrap them in a towel and leave them for an hour. We can then proceed with the washing.

Also, in this case, it is recommended to repeat the treatment several times to guarantee the desired results.

5.Wheat germ oilHow to lighten hair naturally: 10 simple and effective methods!

A very simple natural remedy for lightening hair, wheat germ oil is an excellent solution to be applied directly to the hair evenly and left to work for about half an hour.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water and proceed with washing.

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6. Cinnamon

Mix the cinnamon with a little balsam and spread the mixture on the hair, leaving it to work for a long time: starting from three hours until all night. Finally, wash your hair. Again, it is good to repeat the treatment at least once a week to see the results, especially if you have dark, brown or black hair.

7. TurmericHow to lighten hair naturally: 10 simple and effective methods!

Turmeric has many beneficial properties, including a bleaching power of the crown. Just pour a teaspoon into a cup of boiling water, let it cool and apply the wrap, leaving it on for half an hour. As always, proceed with washing.

8. Ginger

Scratch a ginger root and mix it with a teaspoon of lemon drops. Then apply the mixture on the hair and leave for about 20 minutes. Be sure to use nourishing products during the wash to prevent the hair from drying too much.

9. SaffronHow to lighten hair naturally: 10 simple and effective methods!

Saffron is among the most effective natural remedies. Pour a well into a cup of water, apply the infusion obtained on the lengths, being careful to massage the individual locks, and let it work for about half an hour.

10. Rhubarb

The rhubarb is another of the natural methods below to donate blond highlights, especially if you have dark hair. Take 2 tablespoons of rhubarb powder and mix them with a little hot water; after letting them rest for a few moments, apply the mixture on the hair, covering it with plastic wrap or a cap, for a time ranging from half an hour to 2 hours. Adjust the doses and the laying time based on the intensity of the color you want to reach.

And now you just need to choose the most suitable beauty remedy for you and experience at home for bright and shiny hair like never before!

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