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How Long Can a Dog Go Without Peeing? Consequences

Dogs are usually one of the most intelligent and affectionate pets that can exist. Still, at the same time, they are usually a type of pets that need your total attention and dedication. It is an indispensable factor for their behavior. The dog can become your ideal pet since they can come to understand your extraordinarily.

How long can a dog go without peeing?

These types of animals can endure their desire to do their needs, according to experts approximately 8 to 12 hours. Everything goes according to the custom that the canine can have, and of course to the good health that it can count on.

If you want to acquire more detailed information on this subject, accept my invitation to continue reading the following paragraphs that I will develop for you, where I will be providing you with important information.

Consequences of enduring peeing in dogs

The truth is that dogs are one of the animals that most go through this problem of enduring the desire to pee; many times, it is in the custom that their master normally causes them to have. This is because the animal has to wait for the moment that they can take it out to do their needs.

Many times, due to work or different daily occupations that their masters go through, there is no specific schedule, which means that the animal has to endure much more. However, some dogs usually have the virtue of enduring more than 12 hours.

But this can undoubtedly be harmful to your pet, as it can lead to certain negative health consequences. The most advisable thing is that you give a little more importance to this situation, and try to have a little more attention and responsibility.

In this way, you will be ensuring that your pet does not suffer any health problems. Next, I will name 3 possible negative consequences that this could cause to your pet.


The fact of remaining many hours without urinating could cause urinary infections, because all the urine is stored in the bladder with different bacteria and germs that were discarded by the body, causing problems in the urinary tract.

This could also cause urinary incontinence problems because it does not carry out its natural process at the time your body insinuates it.


Maintaining this habit of often holding the urge to urinate can lead to kidney stones in your dog. Because the urine contains a high degree of calcium, phosphate, and magnesium. It is for so long without being expelled can form small crystals in the kidneys that can reach a large size.

The presence of these compounds important to the body in this instance, are usually waste filtered by the kidneys, which become substances that the body tends to discard.


The action that your dog has to frequently withstand the urge to urinate for any circumstance. It can cause the bladder walls to swell and thus suffer from this condition called cystitis. It usually causes a lot of pain when urinating and urinates very little, even having constant desire.

Some tips to prevent your dog from spending a lot of time without urinating

This is a problem for which 80% of dogs that live in little spacious and closed houses usually pass because they are educated to wait for their master to take them out to do their needs. Here are some tips to avoid this.

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If you go to work for a prolonged period of 8 or more hours, try to pee it off before leaving and leave the amount of water just and necessary during that time. Do not leave so much water at your disposal. This way, you will ensure that your bladder does not tend to overfill.

It is preferable that when you arrive you ask for water so that during that time you drink a lot of water and have to endure the urge to urinate, dogs are animals that when you drink a considerable amount of water, you immediately feel the urge to urinate.


Because today you live a very busy life and for many very stressed, we tend to spend time without realizing it, that’s why and for the good health of your pet. It is important that you take measures such as placing in your phone or watch an alarm, which reminds you that your dog may feel like urinating.


Remember that dogs are very intelligent animals, and just as you can teach them not to urinate inside the house, you can also teach them to let you know when they feel like urinating. It may seem somewhat absurd to many, but it is simply a reality.

These types of situations usually become unnoticed, and many people do not know the damage that their pet may be going through if this happens frequently. Given these harmful reasons for the canine, training is recommended so that you learn to do your needs at the right time.

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