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How Do You Remove A Broken Glass Screen Protector?

Have you dropped your device and want to remove the screen protector? In this article, we explain exactly how a screen protector removal works and how you can replace it for a new one.

Removing a glass screen protector is usually easy. Has your phone been dropped and the screen protector broken, or do you want to replace the screen protector with a new one? No problem, in this blog article we will explain in great detail how to remove a glass screen protector.

You may want to remove a screen protector. How do you do that, and why do you do that? This can have various reasons. It is possible that you have placed your screen protector incorrectly. But replacing a glass protector is not easy.

For that, you have to know what you are doing, and that is why we are happy to explain it to you. For example, there are a few things that you will need anyway when you get to work on removing your screen protector, such as a toothpick and a hairdryer, but also flexible plastic (card) and a soft cloth.

Although the screen protectors are provided with a special coating to hold the fragments together, pieces of glass may be released when the screen protector is removed. So always be careful!

Remove screen protector attention points

  • You must keep a close eye on the edge of the protector.
  • You must keep an eye on the opening at the camera lens.
  • Did the screen protector not fit properly in some places? This can be noticed by, for example, air bubbles.

You don’t have to deal with weak spots, but it is possible, and then it is better that you check it and opt for certainty.

Removal of the screen protector

Step 1: Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Step 2: Proceed carefully, the screen protectors are made of real tempered glass.

Step 3: Start at the corner where the screen protector is least damaged or not damaged. Carefully try to get your nail under the screen protector. By not using too much force, you prevent the screen protector from breaking further. You can carefully lift the screen protector with your nail.

Step 4: Remove the screen protector from the screen. Make sure that you gently lift the screen protector; you will see that the screen protector comes off the screen.

Step 5: The screen protector has been removed. You can now clean the screen with a microfiber cloth.

Need a new screen protector?

Have you just removed your damaged or even broken screen protector from the screen? Our experts are happy to give your personal advice about the best protection for your smartphone. Keep reading How to protect android from malware and malicious apps, viruses and spies

Remove an edge to edge screen protector?

To remove a screen protector that covers the screen from edge to edge, proceed in the same way as when removing a normal screen protector. Make sure you take the time to remove the screen protector and watch out for any shards. Read the steps of how to remove screen protector carefully, and within a few seconds, the screen protector will be removed from the screen. Of course, without damage to the original screen.

As you can see, removing a glass screen protector is not very difficult. Make sure you take the time and don’t go too hasty, then everything will be fine. If you have any questions or comments, you can always contact our customer service. They can answer all your questions about removing a screen protector. You can reach the team by telephone, via Facebook, and by chat.

Apply screen protector

After the old glass screen protector has been removed from the screen, it is important that a new glass screen protector is quickly installed on your smartphone. You can find all the information about applying a screen protector on our website. We have both written and video instructions available for all types of glass screen protectors.


Do it carefully and also check that the edges are secure. It is important that you take the time to remove everything properly. Make sure that you work in a hygienic place and that it is dust-free. Also, make sure that you have clean hands and that you will not be disturbed when you start working on this.

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