How Did Polo Shirts Get Their Name?

Polo shirts are a staple of many men’s wardrobes. However, very few people have probably stopped to wonder how exactly this popular item of clothing got its distinctive name.

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Before polo shirts were found everywhere as they are now, they were worn by those taking part in the sport of polo – riding horses and scoring goals while mounted by hitting a ball with a mallet.

A Game of Indian Origins

The origins of polo can be dated back to a game played in Manipur, the state found in India’s north-east. Officers in the British Army took a liking to the game and started it in the mid-19th century.

At this time the uniform for taking part in polo consisted of a shirt with long sleeves and a collar. Players were dismayed by how these collars flapped about while playing, so new versions of these shirts incorporated buttons to secure the collars and stop them moving.

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Going Global

So the button-down effect was born and greatly impressed a young John E Brooks, who then incorporated this type of collar into Brooks Brothers designs. In 1920, an Argentinian polo player called Lewis Lacey helped to popularise the polo shirt by opening a store in Buenos Aires that sold shirts featuring a logo made up of a player on a polo pony. However, it wasn’t until Jean René Lacoste, the French tennis player, introduced the shirt to tennis wear, followed by Briton Fred Perry, that the polo shirt went global.

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The polo shirt is a wonderfully versatile garment with a rich legacy. Comfortable yet stylish, a polo shirt can be worn in a variety of situations and easily dressed up or down for any occasion.


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