How adaptive clinical trials help us

Given our current medical crisis it’s no surprise that the use of Adaptive Phase 1 Studies for clinical trials are receiving a huge amount of attention at present. The recent COVID-19 illness has meant that medical practitioners have been required to be quick to respond and come back to the Government and the general populace with a cure or a vaccine to limit the effects, should it be contracted. However when such trials are initiated there has to be a due process to follow. There are companies that deal with this, conducting the research into the viability of the vaccine or proposed treatment before it is sanctioned for widespread use.

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One such company is richmondpharmacology. They have 3 watch words that they live by when conducting clinical research for you. Everything has a cost and budget. The world of medical treatments is no different to that of any commercial venture. Therefore research companies will stick to the given budget to ensure that it comes under the brief, unless there is a very good reason to justify the overspend. The crucial factor here to avoid additional cost is making sure that the data collected is accurate and true.

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They will also look at getting the results collected quickly and efficiently so that decisions about the use of the drug can be taken in a timely manner. The effects of treatments can be fast and dramatic and a flexible approach is needed. However the overall watch word of clinical companies is that the trials will maximise the safety and wellbeing of the volunteers.

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