Care for Your Elderly Parent

What to Look for When Hiring In-Home Care for Your Elderly Parent

Hiring a caregiver comes with advantages. An elderly parent can stay in their home, and you can have peace of mind when they are constantly being looked after. Without experience, it can be hard to be a caregiver. Hiring someone who is equipped for the job can literally be a lifesaver, but if you don’t know what to look for, the best perks of in-home care may not be realized.

Here are some things you should consider when an elderly parent needs help at home

Background of the Caregiver

 Finding care for the elderly can come with apprehension as to who is doing the caregiving. You can do your own research, or work with a placement agency that does the background and reference checks for you. Many of these agencies screens, train, and hire caregivers. They also provide backup providers for when a regular assistant is not available.

You also have the option of hiring a care provider privately. That gives you control over finding the ideal candidate. If you are willing to conduct the hiring process on your own, you can use the Internet to look through networks of candidates. You can then interview candidates, screen them, and more. One drawback to this method is, if the regular can’t work, it’s up to you to find a backup.

About Credentials

In addition to background checks, you need to be diligent about the caregiver’s credentials. They should have experience caring for the elderly. Licensing and training are important as well and vary depending on the state or county. Also, look to see whether the person is trained in First Aid and CPR. Ask them for any documentation relevant to their experience and training. One of the other options you can opt to choose is to find professionals from notable elder care franchise businesses whose services are certified and have been vouched.

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Other Important Matters to Consider

References should always be obtained if you are hiring a caregiver individually. Be sure to call each one of them, watching for hesitation and complaints. If the individual has spent long periods of time with one client, this is usually a good sign.

Be aware of the prospective caregiver’s immigration status. You could get into serious legal trouble by hiring an illegal immigrant. Also, you are legally required to spell out the individual’s hours, duties, and privileges, in addition to their compensation, vacation time, benefits, and available transportation. There are also tax affairs to consider because it’s illegal to pay a caregiver under the table.

If you’re hiring in-home care for an elderly parent, you should always treat the caregiver as an employee at first. This is a person you don’t know, so background checks and other verifications are essential. Consult with a care provider if you don’t have experience or are not comfortable conducting the process alone. Caregivers trained in helping seniors with their daily lives are fully vetted. They maximize your parent’s safety and can meet their unique personal needs, with service that is custom-tailored to all in-home assistance needs.

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