First time at New York

First time in New York, Iconic places to go

New York, a city we all hear about when talking about fashion, art, and nightlife. It’s also one of the most happening places in the world. A city that’s been a part of numerous movies and series would sure have a lot of places to visit, right?

In New York, iconic places to go to are innumerable. Be it the Brooklyn bridge you watched in the movie entranced or the Times Square pictures you saw on your Instagram feed, seeing all these places in real life is a whole different experience.

With the vaccination rate increasing exponentially, traveling to New York is safer, and you can explore the city without stressing about the pandemic. There’s always a lot happening in a city as popular as New York.

It’s normal to be confused about what places to visit and when. That’s why we are here, to help you plan your trip in a way that you can experience New York for everything it is.

Art and architecture in New York 

New York is one of the most popular spots for art lovers and architects. Right from the high rising buildings, the skyline, and the museums, everything here is breathtaking. These are also the places with the majority of tourist attractions in New York.

  1. The Statue of Liberty – Definitely America’s most iconic sight, this statue is the major attraction in New York. A gift from France, this statue stands tall on Liberty Island. Being 152 ft tall makes this iconic American symbol one of the world’s biggest statues. If you visited New York and didn’t visit the Statue of Liberty, did you even go to New York?
  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art – This is the largest art museum in all of the US. With over two million works and seventeen curatorial departments, this art museum has become one of the most popular tourist attraction sights.
  1. The Empire State Building – This building is over 381 meters tall, making it the 49th tallest building to exist. You can often find people flocking around the building admiring the architecture, which of course, is impeccable.
  1. The Brooklyn Bridge – Looks familiar? Well, this is the bridge we’ve seen in various movies and series. It’s also the world’s first steel suspension bridge. Walk across the bridge soaking in the scenic beauty. Also, visit Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  1. Museum of the City of New York – A history and art museum, this museum is located in Manhattan. It preserves and exhibits the history of New York. Want to educate yourself about the city? Now you know where to go!

Nightlife in New York 

New York is a city that never sleeps- as many activities that you can do during the daytime- you can do that many at night as well. If you do not enjoy the New York nightlife, it’s like shortchanging your entire experience. Here are some places you can visit to explore New York like never before.

  1. Big Apple Jazz Tours – A night tour visiting various jazz music performances? What could be more fun? Accompanied by new people and exploring new places, this will be a night to remember.
  1. Comedy Cellar – Located in Greenwich Village, this place is worth every dollar. Enjoy drinks while laughing the night away with your loved ones. This place is so popular that you can’t enter unless you have pre-booked a seat for yourself.
  1. Resorts World Casino New York City – This is the biggest casino in New York. With an infinite number of games, events, and dining options, you’re sure to have the best experience. Play the night away and gamble to win exciting rewards. A night in a casino can burn a hole in your pocket; if you are worried about conglomeration of people in a enclosed space, then try to do some online gambling ny.
  1. Times Square – The heart of Manhattan, visiting Times Square at night is one of the most iconic American things that you can do. Always bustling with a crowd, the billboards and the lights provide the perfect backdrop for those Instagram-worthy pictures. 

Recreational places in New York 

As one of the busiest and populated cities in the world, the entire experience can provide to be overwhelming for many. If you are a nature lover- and seeking some time off from the glitz and glamour, then New York has something for you as well.

  1. Central Park – Who would know that there can be so much greenery amidst the concrete and the traffic? If you are a Hollywood buff, you know this is one of THE places you need to visit when traveling to NYC. Visit the Central Park zoo, walk around the park, or even hire a bike and peddle away. Explore this park and soak in its beauty.
  1. West 4th Street Courts – America is known for its love for basketball. If you want to watch American basketball live, this is where most of the action takes place.
  1. Jackie Robinson Park – A community pool, a baseball field, and the greenery, what could go wrong? It also has a sculpture of Jackie Robinson, a famous athlete.
  1. Ace Bar – This is one of the most popular haunts in the East village. Have a taste of some finger-licking bar food and a back room filled with games like billiards and skee ball. Hang out with friends or just go alone to watch a lively crowd in action.
  1. Heckscher Playground – A playground for both children and adults, this is one of the most fun activities to do when out with your kids. Climb the rock formations and explore the place while you bond with your children.

New York is a place of dreams. The list of places to visit in New York is never-ending, and no amount of time is enough to explore this city. From museums to nightclubs, from Fifth Avenue to Times Square, from luxury shopping centers to 9/11 memorial and museum, the number of places to visit and things to do is infinite.

Prioritize your comfort and what you love doing, explore the city, eat everything new to you, meet new people and experience new things. Allow yourself to feel free, socialize, try new things, and get to know yourself and New Yorkers better.

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