Fashion trends that will rule the most of 2020!

Fashion, as everyone might know, keeps changing from time to time. It’s hard to predict new trends. The easiest thing is to stay focused on the runway of the last season. One should also stay tuned into the top designers’ collections, as there is always that possibility of finding unique pieces that will not only suit oneself, but also make him/her stand out. Let’s now acquaint you with some of the fashion trends which are guaranteed to rule the major part of 2020.

Tiers and Ruffles

The use of ruffles and tiers was clearly evident in the creations of designers who took part in London Fashion Week. You can put on those tiers and ruffles on floaty dresses or statement-making crisp white shirts. They go well even with leather pants if you want to look all edgy. It’s definitely going to get you noticed!

Suits with shorts

Bermuda shorts to be precise. Conventionally they may be pretty hard to style, however, they are all about casual sophistication in 2020. Created with button-down shirts and dark colours, they look perfect for a boardroom appearance. Have them tailored in lemon and light colours, and they’ll work equally well on the day offs. Givenchy, Chloe and many other fashion houses are already showing us how to make them work. It’s pretty clear that suits with shorts are definitely going to be amongst the hottest fashion trends in 2020.

Coloured leather

It won’t be wrong to state that leather has always been linked to autumn and winter seasons, specifically in brown and black shades. However, we witnessed some flirtation happening with the material during the early 2000s too. The designers were seen working with different colours of leather back then, but nothing like how coloured leather is defining the fashion trends today. And the wonderful part is that there is leather available for all seasons! Spring leather has had amazing moments on the runways of New York, Paris and almost everywhere of late.

When talking about leather, one must think beyond coats, and look at leather shirts, dresses, pants, skirts and crop tops too in hues of yellow, orange, blue, pink and all colours of the rainbow. Emily Sanchez, the celebrity stylist recently spoke to Insider and informed that this trend is here to stay and will be witnessed all over in 2020.

Brightest Greens

It’s not just in leather, but colours are going to be everywhere in the fashion world this season. Using neon of all colours continues to be a bold fashion statement, however green takes the cake! There’s no way you can go wrong with acid apple. In fact, Christopher John Rogers and Tom Ford are already using solid blocks of acid apple in their creations. In case you’re not up to going bright green from head to toe, and feel slightly uncomfortable about that glow-in-the-dark appearance, you could always take the safer route with some cool neon accessory!

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