Different ways to bet on sports

More people around the world than ever before are using betting as a way of adding some extra excitement and spice to an already exciting game. This trend has been continuing for the last couple of years and shows no evidence of slowing down.


Today, there are also many different ways that one can bet. With the advent of the internet and new technology being applied to the betting industry the options for those looking to bet online are better than ever before. Regardless of whether you want to bet on the biggest game of the year or just pick a winner in a match in the nfl schedule week 4, these three different ways to bet all offer up a different experience.

Picking the winner

Picking a winner is the most basic out of all the forms of betting, but can be a ton of fun. Picking a winner can be a fun way of adding some extra emotional involvement during a big game, and is perfect if you just want to place a quick bet without having to put in too much time or analysis.


Parlays are a relatively new way of betting but is something that has become incredibly popular in the last couple of years.  Parlays are put together by combining a number of different possible events during a game or a match. These types of bets are however best explained by an example such as follows: The Green Bay Packers win against Detroit, Green bay scores at least 6 touchdowns, Detroit throws at least 1 interception, and Aaron Rodgers throws for more than 170 yards. By placing this type of bet one can up the odds associated with the wager and also add more levels of complexity.

Bets that stretch the entire season

If you don’t have time to watch every game due to travel or work but like to follow leagues during the entirety of their season this could be the perfect way to bet for you. These bets are placed in the beginning of the season and then run until either the bet is won or lost. There is a ton of variety in this type of betting and one can place a wager on a specific player or team. One common bet is to wager on a team making it far during the playoffs, or for a specific player to do well over the course of a season.


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