Ceramiche Refin, Italian and environmentally sustainable porcelain stoneware

Ceramiche Refin is an Italian company that has specialised in ceramics since 1962. It is part of Gruppo Concorde, the world’s leading group in the ceramics industry, and provides porcelain stoneware for both homes and large design projects that take inspiration from natural materials, such as marble and stone. Refin’s tiles are elegant, versatile, and great for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Ceramiche Refin produces more than 8 million m² of porcelain tiles per year, supported by avant-garde machinery for the creation of surface graphics and post-manufacturing processes. Made in Italy, understood as a productive model that combines ethics, manufacturing tradition, and Italian culture, along with respect for the environment and natural resources, are the core values that guide the business.

The company’s catalogue includes many products. Porcelain kitchen tiles are available in multiple sizes, finishes, textures, and colors. Thanks to their exceptional technical performance in terms of hygiene, resistance, and durability, porcelain tiles resist stains and can be cleaned with any type of detergent. That’s the reason why they are perfect in the kitchen on both walls and floor, as well as for worktops.

As regards the collections, we can mention Sublime. It is a tribute to the landscapes of one of the most alluring areas of southern France: Burgundy. The collection is inspired by a very rare limestone typical of that area and nowhere to be found today. The surface is characterized by haloes and small details but remains balanced. The compact, uniform background is furrowed by delicately contrasting veins.

Canal Grande is inspired by the most glamorous soul of Venice and the famous city’s nautical culture. It is a tribute to the atmosphere of the lagoon with a clear prominence of mahogany, the material traditionally used to build the local boats, luxury motorboats and the famous Venetian taxis. The collection is the result of wide-ranging research exploring the excellence of craftsmanship in the nautical sector by Refin’s Tile Designer.

Feel has an overall homogeneous appearance and at the same time encompasses tactile sensations that evolve the traditional concept of concrete, offering an original interpretation of it. The collection is contemporary and minimal at the same time thanks to the research and development path applied to the surface.

One of the most recent and popular novelties by Ceramiche Refin is its Large Format Porcelain Tiles. Each surface represents the perfect synthesis of aesthetic research and technology. The very thin 6 mm thickness also offers versatility of application and high resistance. Finally, the new 120×278 size in particular, is the ideal product for use on walls in both private and public projects.

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