Celebs collaborating with clothing lines

This article will give a few examples of celebrities having an extra business on the side and collaborating with known clothing lines.

The first example is of singer Rihanna, who has created her own line of clothing and make up called ‘Fenty.’ She then collaborated with Puma and named the collaboration ‘Fenty x Puma.’ This has allowed her to explore her fashion for passion and discover other avenues beyond music.

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Another example is of ‘New York & Company’ and how they have collaborated with the actress Eva Mendes. She brought her classic style to the company with her own collection of dresses, jumpsuits, and a whole different range of things, naming is ‘the Eva Mendes Collection.’ The clothing line had bright colours, differing patterns, and vintage silhouettes. This gave off a vibe for the mid- century.

Bill Murray has created a line of clothing for golf called ‘William Murray Golf.’ He launched this line with his brothers, allowing him to explore his options beyond acting. This line included mens designer Tshirts, which can also be found at EJ Menswear.

Other actresses, such as Reese Witherspoon, have also created clothing lines. She was born and raised in New Orleans and created a brand called ‘Draper James’ to introduce her Southern roots into the world of fashion and lifestyle.

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When Christiano Ronaldo isn’t busy playing football, he focuses on his clothing line called ‘CR7.’ This came from him being a model beforehand, and he sometimes models for his brand too. This clothing line includes denim for men and boys.

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