How to support someone with a physical disability

There are a number of different physical disabilities and these can be acquired through birth or as a result of an accident or illness. Regardless of how the disability has occurred there are a number of ways that individuals can be supported. Here are just a few of them.

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Equipment – in some cases there is equipment that can be used to help with everyday tasks such as washing and getting out and about. The equipment that is needed will depend on what difficulties the individual has. In some cases the equipment may be used permanently or it may be used during a flare up of issues.

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Support – for some it is important that they have the help from those who work in Support Worker Jobs Gloucester way such as This support could be for everyday tasks such as making a meal or getting themselves washed and dressed in the morning. In other cases it could be getting out and about to do some shopping or going for a haircut.

Patience – it is important that when supporting someone with a physical disability that you are patient. They need to feel that you have the time and the desire to help them with the difficulties that they may have. This means ensuring that you have enough time to help them with their everyday activities and that you ask for help from professional carers if you need.

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