Which are the most reliable vans in the UK?

When you need a van, it goes without saying that you want to be sure the model you choose will be up to the job and not leave you stranded. We have taken the time to round up the most reliable vans in the UK, helping you to make an informed decision when you come to lease or purchase your next vehicle.

The average van covers approximately 13,000 miles each year, which means you certainly need a model that can cope with this much use. Fleet News has more interesting statistics about vans.

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Fourth place: Volkswagen Caddy

If you need a smaller van that you can depend on, the Volkswagen Caddy makes an excellent choice. It may be a more compact size than some other vans on this list, but it can still transport a payload of up to 711 kg.

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Third place: Mercedes Benz Vito

Mercedes Benz is a popular choice for van drivers, which is not hard to understand when two of its models are in the top five for reliability. The Vito was updated in 2020 and now boasts an eco-friendly all-electric version, making it a superb option for anyone who is keen to embrace a more sustainable ethos for their business.

Second place: Volkswagen Transporter

This popular van is a great choice for those who prize reliability and a somewhat roomier capacity. With a superb choice of drive (FWD, AWD, manual and automatic options are available), there is a model to suit every driver.

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First place: Mercedes Benz Sprinter

This van from prestige marque Mercedes Benz delivers an incredible standard of reliability and has topped the quality charts at Fleet News for an impressive eight years. It provides a great driving experience and comes with a choice of four lengths and three roof heights, which means there is a specification for everyone.

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