Three ways to watch the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Following a painfully slow two years of professional sport, 2022 promises to be one to remember with several headline acts returning to the schedule. Followers of American Football have the NFL regular season fast approaching, the Grand National in England returns for lovers of thoroughbred horse racing while those with a passion for boxing have Tyson Fury v Dillian Whyte in spring. The standout of the programme takes place in November and December when the FIFA World Cup returns as the most famous names in soccer battle it out for a place in the history books.

Qatar provides the backdrop with the games moved from the summer months of June and July to the winter months of November and December. That shake-up of the usual schedule is in response to the unbearably high temperatures expected in the region with the later start time brought in to help the matches pass in the safest way possible. Playing and even watching outdoor sporting events in Qatar during summer isn’t only impossible, but seriously dangerous. Despite the World Cup opening ceremony being pushed back five months, organisers promise it will be worth the wait for everyone involved, from the players and fans to the commentators and online betting enthusiasts.

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You have options

With the final played just a few weeks before Christmas, it’s likely many soccer lovers will settle for watching the World Cup on television but there will be thousands of spectators in attendance at every fixture. How do you plan on watching the games in Qatar? As a sports fan you have more options available to you than you might think and, in this article, we explain the three best ways to keep tabs on the scores. From booking a ticket to watching on the move using your smartphone, there’s something for everyone.

Qatar 2022 will be the first World Cup played in the Arab world and it will be the first not to be staged in summer. We will also see greater viewing figures than ever before thanks to advancements in technology. The World Cup is the most-watched professional sports competition on the planet and it’s our aim to ensure you get the best viewing experience possible. By the end of this page, you’ll be aware of the three best ways to watch the games unfold, including the eagerly anticipated Group B match between England and the United States on Friday 25th November.

At the stadium

The best way to soak up the unique atmosphere of a FIFA World Cup is to attend the stadium, see the players in person, enjoy the occasion with fellow fans and celebrate the triumphs of your favourite team. Going to the stadium isn’t an option for many fans but if you have the chance to go to Qatar and land a ticket for your match of choice, we advise doing so.

It’s one to tick off any sports fans’ bucket list. If you are going to Qatar, it’s important that you plan well in advance and only purchase match tickets from an official vendor at face value. Don’t be duped into paying over the odds or risk being stuck with a fake ticket that will cause you to be denied entry to the stadium.

On television

If you can’t make it to Qatar for whatever reason, you’ll be delighted to learn you can watch every match live on free-to-air television. When choosing this option, you miss out on the atmosphere but gain expert commentary, stats, live scores, and the best seat in the house.

You can watch from the comfort of your own home on your own or with friends and family. Why not throw your very own World Cup 2022 watch party? For a bit more atmosphere, you could also visit a sports bar.

Live streaming

Not going to be at home during the game? There’s no need to miss out thanks to live streaming apps that can be downloaded and viewed on your Android or iOS smartphone. The best live streams offer HD quality with clear sound, commentary, stats, scores and more.

Turn everyday scenarios like the commute home from work or a dinner date into a chance to watch the big match live. You are in complete control of not only how you view but where you view.

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