Don’t Get Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In many workplace grievances there’s an old saying that can describe exactly how a manager may be feeling, that goes, “Don’t get caught between a rock and a hard place” literally this translates to, “You find yourself in a difficult situation and you have to choose between two equally difficult courses of action”.  The easiest resolution for extremely difficult scenarios is to contact the experts such as who deal with Workplace mediation and conflict resolution on a daily basis.  Having a completely neutral party talk to the staff involved, find out all the relevant information and advice on the situation in a non-judgemental way could be a quick and effective resolution to deflect the conflict before it builds into something much more serious.

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In any workplace situation, no matter how happy the environment, there is always going to be differences of opinion, when individuals brainstorm ideas, various scenarios can occur.  Healthy, lively debates are a great way to let employees get directly involved in the decision making of the company, but sometimes great passion can lead to great conflict when opinions are considerably different.

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Allowing the professionals to deal with any conflict resolution is a much easier, fairer solution in any workplace, as a manager you can’t be seen to be siding with any particular employee.  A quick, easy and affordable way to resolve any issues at work because any unresolved conflict areas could lead to organisational breakdown.

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