How packing a suitcase for a holiday abroad is different to packing for a Staycation

Firstly, what is a Staycation, and how is it different packing a suitcase to travel abroad than packing to spend time in the United Kingdom?  A Staycation has become a very popular term of expression, since the Covid Pandemic when millions of people had foreign holidays suddenly cancelled and were ordered to stay indoors and not to travel!  So, what is a Staycation, simply put, it’s a holiday in the same Country you live in.  When you pack for a holiday that does NOT involve air travel then pretty much anything goes!  Suntan lotion, (In the summer) any toiletries, bundles of clothes, several pairs of shoes, sandals or boots, a laptop, bottles of wine!  You can pack what you want if you can pull it along in your battered old case it can go with you. All you must really consider is the weather, swimming costumes, shorts and tea-shirts in the summer against, jumpers, trousers and wellies in the winter.

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When packing a suitcase to travel abroad you must think smart and pack light, no liquids are allowed in your carry-on bag so all toiletries must go in your main case.  You have a weight limit imposed on you by your chosen airline and you can’t exceed that either on the way out to your holiday destination or on your return home. Your suitcase should only be packed by you so you know what’s in it and once closed should be securely locked and have a Security Seal placed around the lock and handle so no one can open it once out of your sight. These seals can be obtained from a professional company such as and having one fitted to your case will give you peace of mind.

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Your main suitcase should be distinctive so that you are able to recognise it easily at the baggage reclaim points and ideally be of a lightweight design to give you more allowance for clothes etc. You are allowed to take with you onto the plane, (in a suitable carry-on luggage bag), clothes, books, your laptop, (in a separate holder), mobile phone, (it must be put through security), papers, tickets, passports and money.  Do NOT try to take liquids, aerosols, weapons (including penknives), medication, (without the proper prescription) and anything else as advised by the airport security.

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