How to Clean a Bathroom Properly

The first step in cleaning a bathroom is to remove anything that may be clogging the sink or toilet. Opening a window or turning on a fan can help circulate air to remove any excess dirt or debris. It is also important to vacuum the floors of the bathroom to free them of dirt and dust. Once you have vacuumed the floors, you can move on to cleaning the rest of the bathroom.

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A common bathroom cleaning solution to use is bleach. Diluted bleach works well for this. Also, distilled white vinegar works well as an antibacterial solution. If you have an acrylic bath, you should use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to prevent mildew buildup. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch the surface of the bath. Enamel baths, on the other hand, should be cleaned using special gentler products. However, be careful not to use limescale remover as it can strip the top layer.

When cleaning the bathroom, it is important to use disinfecting wipes or distilled white vinegar to disinfect all surfaces. You can also sanitise the tap handles and door knobs. While you’re doing this, remember to use separate wipes for the toilet.

Mixing equal parts baking soda and white vinegar can help remove stubborn stains. The mixture can be applied to surfaces with a rag or sponge. When you are looking for Office Cleaning Cheltenham, contact a site like

Toilets should be cleaned thoroughly at least once per week. This includes scrubbing the toilet rim and the drain opening. Afterwards, use a toilet brush to remove any leftover particles. You should also scrub the toilet base with a scrub brush. You can also use a disinfecting cleaning wipe on the seat, lid, and floor around the toilet.

Keeping the bathroom clean should not take much time. A few simple steps can make the job a lot easier and result in sparkling tiles. You should empty the rubbish bins, wipe down the bin lid, refill toilet paper and soap dispensers, hang new towels and change bath mats regularly. Additionally, you should wash the shower curtain at least once a month. It can collect bacteria and mould over time, so cleaning it properly is important.

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Once the bathroom sink is cleaned, you should clean the shower as well. If you have a glass shower door, you can use glass cleaner for a streak-free finish. Similarly, use a spray all-purpose cleaner on the sink, taps, and countertops and wipe with a dry, clean cloth. Wiping down mirrors with a wet cloth will also remove any soapy residue.

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