dogs eat honey

Can dogs eat honey?

As you know, the digestive system of dogs is different from that of humans, so they cannot digest the same foods as us. Therefore, recent we have decided to talk about the effects of honey on dogs. In this way, you can make the decision to incorporate it into your diet in a healthy way. Read on to find out if dogs can eat honey.

Can I give honey to my dog?

In general, we can say that dogs tolerate honey. However, this food has a high percentage of sugar, so we must offer it prudently. We recommend you not add honey to your dog’s diet on a regular basis and if so, it must be in small doses and very intermittently. As a guideline, the portions should not exceed half a teaspoon in small dogs, and one whole in dogs of large breeds. On the other hand, it is not convenient to give it daily in any case.

Since honey is a delicate food for dogs, we offer you a series of tips that you should keep in mind before incorporating them into your diet:

  • Honey must be of natural origin, that is, it is not processed or contains any type of additive.
  • Puppies should not eat honey, as it may contain substances harmful to their immune system. Try to wait for your dog to turn 1 year to start giving it in small doses.

Dogs can eat honey in small doses.

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Benefits of honey in dogs

Honey is a food with numerous beneficial properties for your dog. Before continuing, remember that your dog’s diet should be based on feed balanced with animal protein. If you want to feed your dog naturally, we recommend that you take a look at our complete guide on the BARF diet. Honey must be only a small complement in the feeding of our pet and must be even smaller if our dog does not exercise or is prone to obesity. This group includes small breed dogs.

Here are the benefits of honey in dogs:

  • Honey is good for cough. If your dog suffers coughing, giving him a small teaspoon of honey can help relieve symptoms. If you wish, you can dilute it in water.
  • If your dog suffers stomach pain, you can give him some honey to relieve the pain. The enzymes generated during the bee pollination process help reduce the symptoms of gastritis. In addition, honey has a very low pH, which reduces the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the stomach.
  • Honey helps to recover energy after a long walk or an intense game session. In addition, it is a low-calorie food with a high nutritional value. Try to avoid giving honey to dogs that are sedentary or practice little exercise.
  • Contact with honey helps dogs relieve allergies. Thanks to her, your dog will get used to the pollen it contains and react better to the allergy during spring.

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