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The Best Bar Stools And Pub Tables: Amazing Ideas For Your Room And Much More!

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From this post, you’ll find ideas for The Best Bar Stools and Pub Tables that you can add to your home for functionality and fun.

Whether the bar stools and pub tables are for your family game room or individual room additions you’ll find an idea or two that will fit into your current project. So whether you’re going for a fun look or a classic pub look and feel, the right pub furniture will add zest to your room.

Pub furniture is supposed to be fun and that goes for every style of pub furniture also. Don’t limit yourself to one or two design choices, read through all of them below and then make a confident decision on the pub furniture you want for your room.

Let’s get your pub furniture ideas flowing! Below you’ll find page guides for bar stools and pub tables that will have your friends saying “WOW, HOW COOL ARE THOSE”!

The Best Bar Stools And Pub Tables
All Your Guests Will Love!

Classic looks, British pub feel, contemporary stools and tables and more designs await. Learn about what’s out there and envision how various bar stools and pub tables will look in your home!


Make An Informed Decision!


Making an informed decision doesn’t have to be difficult! By reading through the different types of bar stools and pub tables available you’ll be able to narrow down your choices. Always ask a friend or loved one also about the set you intend to buy, make an informed decision and cover your bases. From online bar stools and pub tables to your local game room store check them all out.


Be Creative, Have Fun & You’ll Make The Perfect Selection!


Pub Tables

Best Pub Tables


Pub Table With Wine Holder
Elegant, Classy And Fun Ideas To Check Out!

A Pub Table With Wine Holder may not be what you had in mind when designing your game room or remodeling your kitchen. But they are a great choice and fit right into just about any theme.

There are a few different mainstream pub tables with wine holder designs that look wonderful in game rooms, kitchens, dining areas and more. You need to decide what your main theme/design is and then go hunting for the right pub table with wine rack for your room. To get you started, below you’ll find information on the top designs out there.

Want A Pub Table That Offers More For Everyone?
Try A Pub Table With Wine Holder!

Classy Look And Feel!

A wrought iron pub table with wine holder is simple yet classy and elegant. These designs fit into just about every home bar room around. From curved legs to the option of having an oak or glass table top you’ll have a pub table all will enjoy using.

The wine rack/wine holder is attached to the bottom of the tabletop usually and will hold anywhere from 4 to 12 bottles of your favorite wine. Perfect for displaying your wine collection and the bottles are easy to take out if you want to pour a glass or two.

The bar stool that would accompany such a pub table is also made of wrought iron yet has an oak seat and is a wonderful set.

Contemporary Style!

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary as opposed to elegant then you’re in luck. There are a few great looking contemporary pub table with wine holder designs that would fit into just about any room from game rooms to bedrooms if you want.

The first one that needs mentioning is the black metal base pub table with a wine rack that also has a glass storage area. So it’s a step up from the ones with just a wine holder. Separated into 4 areas there is the glass oval table top, a second level square shelf below that, a glass holder attached to and below the second shelf and finally a nice wine rack that holds at least 4 bottles of wine below the wine glass holder.

The second popular type once again has a black metal base but is round. Its contemporary design and smaller size fit in just about any room corner. From its round glass tabletop and two levels of wine storage, it will liven your room up. Simple yet functional, fancy and contemporary it’ll fit into a sports game room, kitchen or your bedroom corner. The stools recommended for this type of table are either black or white and swivel.

More Choices!

The pub tables with wine racks mentioned on this page are basically the main ones out there. Of course, there are more choices available but we wanted to give you an idea/mental image of what a pub table with wine rack is like and how it’ll fit into your room. Remember to keep your options and imagination open, the wine rack could be used to hold a variety of other things making a pub table with wine holder a great addition to your room.

Have Little Space And Big Parties?
A Rectangular Pub Table Is Here To Help!

Pub tables are great room additions. A Rectangular Pub Table is even a better addition to your room! Think about it, you’re having a party, friends and family are gathering in your family game room and seating is limited. What is one thing you can do to add a little comfort to the room?

Are you thinking of adding couches? They’re nice but can get in the way and you’ll still need a table to hold the drinks. Maybe you’re considering a round pub table? Well, I love those but in your case, you have limited space and they may look great but are they the most functional table for your room? Here’s what’s good about rectangular pub tables.

Rectangular Pub Tables
More Than One Reason To Add Them To Your Room.

They Can Hold Groups Of Four!

Being that the table is a rectangle it’s much easier to accommodate four people at one table since each will have a side. As opposed to round pub tables where you may end up bumping elbows a lot and rarely do you see groups of four at around pub table unless it’s rather large. Don’t get me wrong I love all pub tables but for limited space and bang for your buck, a rectangular table works much better.

Limited Space Solution!

As just mentioned a pub table that has a rectangular shape can accommodate four people, which is perfect for a game room that has limited space. Instead of having to add two round tables, one rectangular table will do the trick. They also fit nicely into corners so all available space is used efficiently.

A Variety Of Styles!

From the classic English pub table look to a modern and even an Asian pub table there is a variety of rectangular designs to choose from and more than one that will fit into your room.

From classy to relaxing styles like a cottage or country style pub table rectangular tables get the job done. Yes, they come in various price ranges and sizes too but overall they would be a great addition to any room and especially work good in smaller rooms with limited space. Both dine and enjoy party nights with a rectangular pub table set.

Bar Stools

Best Bar Stools

Want To Be In Every Game?
Add A Billiard Spectator Chair Set And Spectator Benches!

A Billiard Spectator Chair Set will have you and your friends involved in every game of pool throughout the night. Instead of sitting below the table in couches or regular chairs friends and family can sit above the table calling out each shot you take. They add an extra element of fun that every game room can’t do without!

A Billiard Spectator Chair Set has some nice features besides just being higher than an average chair so you can see the game room action. And Spectator Benches being larger than a single chair keep couples sitting together throughout a fun-filled night instead of separated. All in all, they’re a no-brainer when it comes to adding an extra element of game room fun and class. For example, take a minute to read about their various features.

The Billiard Spectator Chair
Your Next Addition For Added Game Room Enjoyment!

Billiard Spectator Chair

And Enjoyment is what home game rooms are all about. There is no other chair out there that can bring people closer to the game than a billiard spectator chair or spectator bench. And besides getting you into each and every game they also have some fun features.

Features For Avid Game Room Spectators!

When I say “Avid Game Room Spectators” I’m not assuming you’ll be sitting out every game because you lost. I’m assuming you’ll be in every game! So while your opponent is shooting you’ll be the avid spectator from above. Of course, who knows? If you lose a lot then spectator chairs are perfect for watching the action.

Your Everyday Billiard Spectator Chair

Your basic everyday spectator chairs are the cheapest and a nice all around addition to your room. The usual size is around 47.5 inches tall, 27.5 inches wide and 25.25 inches deep. Now there are slight variances in size but that is the norm. The Most Important feature of the chair is that the seat height is around 30 inches. So you are above the game, whereas a normal poker sized chair seat height is only around 20 inches. 10 inches is a big difference. Now your Average/Plain Jane billiard spectator chair will be the cheapest and they won’t even have a cushion on them. Also, they may or may not have beverage holders and pool stick holders. But you can add the cushions and you can add a pub table by them to take care of comfort and drinks.

Your Step Up Billiard Spectator Chairs

Now a step up from the basic are cushioned spectator chairs that come with your choice of fabric and your choice of wood. Fabric choices can consist of designs ranging from themes like billiards to various patterns and colors of fabric. Or if you like you can get leather cushions instead. Wood choices for the chairs themselves vary by company but you’ll most likely see an assortment of oak, maple, cherry and mahogany woods. Of course, the more stylized you make the chairs the more you’ll pay. Prices will range from the 200s to 400s depending on what you want. Again these come with beverage holders, one on each arm and pool stick holders, again one on each armrest.

Swivel Spectator Chairs

Now for a touch of class, you could add swivel spectator chairs. I say a touch of class because many of the “Swivel Type” spectator chairs have an elegance about them. They have fine designs carved in the backs, rounded arm rests and come in a variety of wood choices. Although they are classy most don’t offer beverage holders or stick holders. A pub table by them will help you out with the drink department though. They are classy so it’s a personal choice and how they fit into your game room or pub theme.

The Logo Billiard Spectator Chair

Now every true sports fan will love these. Logo Spectator Chairs with your favorite sports teams name and logo on them. In your favorite team’s colors, these spectator chairs fit into every fun game room. They’re usually just the basic cushioned chair with the cup holders and stick holders but they have the added logo and team colors. They look great and add to your already fun atmosphere.

The Double Spectator Chair

A nice feature to the single billiard spectator chair is the “Double Spectator Chair” simply put a double spectator chair is two spectator chairs joined together by a middle drawer/table top. Again each chair comes with two arm rests and a pool stick holder but the added middle drawer/tabletop add extra convenience. The table top works as a pub table would and you could place your snack and drinks on it. While th drawer underneath the top is a great place to store your billiard accessories like chalk. powder, extra tips, game rule books and more. The size is 47 inches high by 74 inches wide and 20.5 inches deep. Again you can select your favorite colors or team logos and your favorite style of wood. Keep reading Wall Decor Ideas: That Will Make Your Room A Hit!

Billiard Spectator Benches

If you want to add additional seating but don’t want too many billiard spectator chair sets then a spectator bench is your answer. They measure around 47 inches high, 48 inches long, 21.5 inches deep and again their seat height is around 30 inches.

Again there are two different types of spectator benches available. The first being the basic just like the chairs. You have two armrests with beverage and pool stick holders and usually, have a choice of fabric and wood selection.

The second is the logo billiard spectator bench. They’re the same as the basic spectator bench style but with your team’s logo and name on them in your favorite team’s colors.

Spectator benches are great additions because they keep players and couples together making it easier to converse especially if there is loud music or a loud TV in the room. It’s always a good idea to have a couple billiard spectator chairs along with a spectator bench. You can have them all matching, therefore, adding to your rooms look and feel and once again getting everyone involved in the game!

Fun & Classy Bar Stool Ideas
Billiards Bar Stools To Sports Bar Stools.

Bar Stool Ideas 

Sports bar stools and bar stools, in general, come in many different shapes and sizes.

Also you’ll find that the biggest sports are represented on bar stools from basketball and football to nascar and hockey.

Below is a break down of a few of the more popular types. This way you’ll get ideas of the bar stools you may want for your home. Remember bar stools aren’t just used for portable home bars. They’re also great for pinball games and for sitting around the pool table watching the action.

Some of the different kinds of bar stools you may want to consider are sports bar stools, swivel bar stools, billiards bar stools, wood bar stools, leather bar stools, metal bar stools, chrome bar stools, wrought iron bar stools, rustic bar stools, rattan bar stools and more.

Also, you’ll find that the size of bar stools may differ from company to company. But usually, they range from a 24-inch to a 36-inch bar stool.

Sports Bar Stools
(No Back)

The sports bar stools with no backs have the traditional swivel vinyl top with your favorite sports team’s name or logo on them. The size of the Texas A & M Sports Bar Stool pictured here has a seat height of 30-inchs, seat width: 14-inchs, seat thickness: 4-inchs and a base width: 21-inchs. This is pretty much the standard size of most swivel bar stools with vinyl tops.

A side note on this bar stool, it’s made of heavy gauge tubular steel and comes with a manufacturer life-time warranty. That means it should last right on through all of your fun get-togethers!

Sports Bar Stools (With Back)

This type of sports bar stool has a back to give support and to let the tired and weary from playing games take a rest and lean back to watch the action. A better idea than the no-back stool especially if you have older family members like dads or grandparents frequenting your Holiday Parties.

The size of the Tennessee Stool is the same as the no-back stool above except for the height which is 46-inches, the seat height is still at 30-inches. This stool also comes with the tubular steel chrome legs.

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