The Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy

What is a clean desk policy? If you’ve never heard this term in your workplace, it relates to employer instructions to their staff on how they should leave their workstation at the end of each day. Many employees might feel it’s an unnecessary additional task, just one more thing to have to remember before going home. However, there are many benefits to having a tidier, more organised and cleaner workspace for both the employee and the business as a whole.

  1. Makes your workspace safer

Leaving paperwork lying around a desk can place your business in a dangerous position. If any of that information is confidential or private, then leaving it visible and unprotected could leave the business susceptible to fraud, information theft or a security breach. If everyone is in the habit of clearing their desks of all papers, post-it notes and USB sticks at the end of the day, this risk is greatly reduced.

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  1. Compliance issues

In the UK, the Data Protection Act requires all personal information to be kept secure. If businesses are not securing their information, they can face fines and prosecution. A clean desk policy is a step towards ensuring compliance with these regulations.

  1. Makes hot desking easier

An effective clean desk policy means there are no personal items or equipment left on desks, allowing the company to be flexible with hot desking and making the most of all available workspace. Increasingly, companies are seeing remote working, part-time and flexible working and a clear desk policy frees up vacant desk space for flexible working.

  1. Better for health

A cluttered, disorganised desk could be harbouring bacteria. Do you keep getting a cold? Do you regularly eat lunch at your desk? Office spaces can be a hotbed of germs. A clear desk policy helps staff to keep their space clean as well, reducing the risk of germs hanging around. A clean desk policy also makes it easier for the cleaning team to do a great and thorough job every day. For Office Cleaning Cheltenham, contact Intocleaning.

  1. Being more efficient

Studies have shown that employees spend 2 hours a day on average just looking for information. Consider if a clean desk policy could you’re your employees to become more efficient and organised. Perhaps a shift to more digital working could avoid the need for storage of so much paperwork?

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  1. Better first impressions

The way your workplace looks is hugely important and first impressions really do count. Having a smart, clean and organised office will impress your visitors, clients, partners and auditors. A clean desk policy ensures you’re your business looks professional, tidy and trustworthy.

  1. Decrease stress levels

Feeling organised and together helps to reduce the stress levels of staff. When you know where everything is, it makes you feel more in control, confident and on tops of things.


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