An easier way to increase your living space

If you are feeling the strain of close living there might be an answer. It might be that you are thinking of moving but this is stress and if you are happy with the local area why take the risk of upping sticks to pastures new? There is a much simpler and cheaper solution to your problem, build an extension of the conservatory. Depending on your needs the type of extension is defined by what you want to use it for. For example, if you’re tired of having the washing machine and tumble dryer knocking around the kitchen, or even the living room, why not create a space solely for them? If you are after a second living room then something a bit more artistic might be a much better bet.

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One of the finest examples that you can use is that of choosing some Oak Extensions. These Oak Extensions are quite incredible in how they look. The manufacturer in the link uses treated thick planks and supports real sustainable Oaks that create a beautiful rustic look. Not only that, Oak is one of the strongest woods in existence, it basically built the British Navy, and has been used as a building material for centuries.

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Combine this with double glazed windows and you have an incredible second room that can be added to the rear of the house. Another use of this  extra extension is that it can be built on top of an existing flat roofed area. It is an excellent way to create a room with a one hundred and eighty degree view.

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