All kinds of wedding dress sleeves

All kinds of wedding dress sleeves

Do you love wedding dress models with arms adorned with beautiful fabrics? characteristic generally compensated by a well visible back. Today we see a little more closely what the different types of sleeves of the best wedding dresses are to be combined then with the bridal shoes suitable to make everything extremely sophisticated and refined.

Long sleeve

It adapts to different body types, and choosing it has different consequences based on the type of physicality of the bride: it enhances the figure of slender brides, conceals large arms and makes them appear taller. In turn, the long sleeve can be divided into several types: lace sleeves, with a lace, bell or jacket effect.

Flared sleeve

Linked to the imagination of a medieval fairy tale, the bell-shaped sleeve tightens on the arm to open in the final part in a more or less wide manner. An excellent option also in this case for brides more or less short, and for slightly shapely brides. If you love this type of sleeves, in the Demetrios 2020 collection of wedding dresses. And many other brands you will find different models that will fall in love with you.

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Balloon sleeve

The balloon effect typical of this style of sleeve can be applied to the height of the shoulders. But also slightly above the wrists, to adapt both to winter and summer wedding dresses. Certainly a particular choice, which calls attention to the elegance of other temples. It dresses almost exclusively slender brides, with little chest and narrow shoulders, to which it gives importance.

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Sleeve on boat neckline

Feminine and very romantic, she leaves her shoulders uncovered or almost to her wrist. It favors all physicality by balancing the proportions of the figure and enhancing its strengths, especially in models with long skirts. And in mermaid wedding dresses.

Poet’s sleeve

The more Shakespearian of the sleeves falls soft on the arm to gather in a ribbon on the wrist. Generally associated with vaporous clothes, both in empire style wedding dresses and in slips. It covers the wide arms well, thanks to the lightness of the fabric.

Short sleeve

Simple and delicate, the short sleeve balances the dimensions of a long torso and represents the right compromise in general for brides who do not like to uncover their shoulders. But do not wish to cover their arms completely. Normally the models with this type of sleeve are simple wedding dresses perfect for younger women. And for those looking for a sparkling and not too formal look.

Short sleeves on round neckline

Of smaller than the classic short sleeves, covering the shoulder without reaching the arm, representing a suitable solution for brides with narrow shoulders and arms end. This type of sleeve is often combined on mermaid and princess style wedding dresses.

Tulip sleeve

Young and fresh, it recalls in its shape the opening of the petals of this flower. Kaleidoscopic, it adapts to every body size, as long as it is combined with a simple dress. It can be made of transparent fabric for an even lighter and more romantic effect.

Butterfly sleeve

Delicate, it is a short and vaporous sleeve, characterized by a slight flourishing that covers only the upper part of the arm. Valid for brides with narrow backs and shoulders, as it gives a lot of volume to the area. Or with slightly large arms to cover up the dimensions.

Bat sleeve

Sophisticated and original, at the opening of the arms they recall the wing reach of a bat, arriving with its own attachment to the waist. Which shrinks thanks to a particular optical illusion that they create. They are sleeves that draw attention to them and recall the boho style.

Japanese sleeves

Like small silk cascades, the Japanese sleeves fall softly on the upper part of the arm without squeezing, with the seam not at armpit height but a little lower down, in the lateral part of the bust, to give further softness. Beautiful on any type of neckline, they fit on straight shoulders and fairs.

Three-quarter or French-style sleeves

This type of sleeve offers different types of possibilities, enhancing both the beauty of brides with long and thin arms and that of brides with wide arms, refining a wide waist.


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