What do you think is Next for the Web?

The online world moves quickly, and Web Design Yorkshire found at links like etempa.co.uk companies are constantly updating tactics, strategies and skills to keep abreast of the latest developments. It is demanding and sometimes challenging to keep ahead of the curve. But it is also absolutely necessary if we are to remain in a position to derive the most benefit from this medium or empower clients to share that benefit. so when it comes to your website choose the right company. Predicting what will happen next in technology is difficult. For example, a few years ago, not many people were predicting the rise of the smartphone or the appearance of tablets, Now they all but dominate personal computing. Having at stab at predicting the future may be difficult but it is also fun, so it is worth taking a few moments to have a go.

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The Supernetwork

A common vision of the future, as advanced by the BBC, is one where all objects and people are connected together. It is a bit like a supernetwork, where people, machines and devices can all communicate seamlessly. It is easy to see the reasoning behind this theory. All of our phones are now connected to the internet, and now even our smart TVs are online via Netflix or some other streaming service. Books have more or less gone online, too, through sites such as Amazon and electronic readers such as the Kindle.

Industries Move Online

At the same time, we now listen to and buy music online and, as reported in the Guardian newspaper, streaming music seems to be the way forward. These are just a few of the industries that have moved online, but others are following fast. Online shopping and banking are now the norm, online dating has taken off and social media now consumes much of our time.

The Role of the App

One of the main drivers for change has been the omnipresent iPhone, and much of the work now concerns the role of the app. In many ways, apps define modern web design. They are simple, focused and quick and easy to use. This is a reflection of how the web is becoming closer to us, and with wearable technology the future is getting closer still.

Soon we will not be going online – we will be online.

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