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5 tips to open your e-commerce

Are you thinking of open your e-commerce? Before creating your e-commerce site, read these 5 tips: they can help you be more focused on your company’s goals

Do you have a business, a business, a shop? Beyond all the public proclamations live on Facebook, the flash mobs on the balconies, the hashtags on social media, I know it and you know it too: the crisis is making itself felt.

With every day of lockdown that passes, you feel that everything you have built up is being consumed. You have to know, a phase has opened in which people will be disheartened and suspicious: the times of offers, sales and full stores are over.

Moreover, the experts have launched an alert: we will probably have to undergo social distancing measures for years and get used to quarantine periods “in fits and starts”.

But then how to do it? How to keep your business open in such a catastrophic scenario?

What if I could sell without even opening the shutter? What if you could keep your business not only active but also competitive on the market?

Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about an e-commerce solution?!

Well, if you had already thought about it, this could be a good time to put it into practice.

Electronic commerce in Italy is experiencing a real surge. I tell you as an “insider”: if until a few years ago the Italians looked at online stores with some fear of being cheated, today most of them have discovered the convenience and pleasure of shopping directly from the home. According to ISTAT research from December 2019, online sales have grown by 38%.

Do you need other reasons to start selling online now?

Since I started creating e-commerce websites, and many years have passed, I have seen many: so let me give you 5 tips to keep in mind before open your e-commerce website and starting to sell your products online.

1. Not everyone can open an eCommerce

“But cooooome!!!! Until now you have told me that it is the right time to open your e-commerce and now you are telling me that it is not for everyone!”

Calm. What I mean is: to open your e-commerce you have to be able to manage the competition. And competition is not a neighborhood shop, they are large, very rich and ruthless multinationals.

So how do I dive into this sea full of sharks?

Some small tips:

  • Identify your niche, your “typical customer”
  • Select some of your products (or a combination of them, or an additional service) that are unique , that more than anything else satisfy the wishes of the “typical customer” and have something more than the big e-commerce multinationals . For example, you could focus on sustainability, attention to detail, craftsmanship
  • Create a “brand”, a strong and uniform corporate image
  • Introduce yourself to all your “typical customers” and communicate with them with care and attention

2. Apply loyalty and cross-selling strategies

“And what’s this stuff!”

Marketing teaches us that it is much easier to sell something to a customer who has already acquired it than to get new ones. So “pamper” those who have already bought, offer them discounts, and show them products you know they might be interested in.

3. Present your products well

There is no need to turn to a professional photographer: just a few tricks are enough.

Buy a soft-box.

It is a white box with excellent lighting where you can insert your product and photograph it. The correct lighting and uniform background will allow you to have a photo without shadows, without backgrounds and without defects even with your mobile phone.

Take care of the product description

You have to make all the characteristics of the object well understood and push customers to buy it even if they cannot see it live. Also learn some small SEO techniques and your product page will find it positioned on search engines.

4. Make the purchasing process simple

The customer must be able to complete the payment quickly and smoothly. This phase is very delicate: many customers abandon the process in the middle, because perhaps it is too complex for them, or because they have second thoughts.

A few small tips:

  • The process that goes from the “Buy” button to the end of the payment must have as few steps as possible
  • The whole procedure must be very simple, to allow even those who are not very familiar with the web to buy immediately and without problems
  • Contact those who left their purchases halfway through, to assist and help them and find out the reasons for their rethinking

5. Create a community and communicate with them

Communicate, make yourself heard, show “behind the scenes”.

Send nice emails to all your contact list, post suggestive photos on social media, make funny videos. Respond promptly to all requests for help, give advice on how to use your products, help everyone without distinction even without a direct financial return.

Believe me, for your customers and potential customers this thing will not go unnoticed.

Your company has something that the big multinationals will never have: the soul. Your community, your fans, are less, but they are a small family.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the soul of the economy of this country and all we have good is creativity and altruism: on the web this is an increasingly rare commodity. Learn to give it away with full hands and the market itself will reward you and set the rebirth in motion.

Because we will be reborn, we will rise again, tried by pain, but strengthened by trust.

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