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5 SEO Tips For Driving Traffic to Your YouTube Account

How can SEO benefit your YouTube account? YouTube has the benefit to businesses of being an almost unlimited source of traffic. The problem? It’s insanely crowded and therefore ridiculously competitive.

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With an estimated 1.5 billion users per month, that’s billions of potential customers you could get your business before. So the key question with this in mind is: how do you get people to watch your video over all the others? Read on for our key tips.

1. Make Use of Your Video Description

The video description is a chance to make use of several keywords which will get your video noticed. The more keywords you use, the easier YouTube will find it to rank and organise your video into the right section so it appears when an appropriate keyword is entered

2. Focus on Your User Experience

User Experience, or UX, is crucial. If people like your videos, they’re more likely to come back, rate the video and even subscribe so you can push your content to them in the future. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure your videos aren’t just informative but enjoyable to watch too.

3. Research Keywords

It’s easy enough to whack a title on your video and hope for the best, but the harsh reality is there are some keywords which will be dominated by other popular videos, and you’re unlikely to outrank these no matter how good your content is. For this reason, you should research keywords and identify gaps in the market you can seize on. There are several companies such as – a London based SEO Agency – which can help you with choosing the best keywords for your video.

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4. Share Your Video with Online Communities

Whilst we’re not suggesting you spam online communities and help pages with the link to your video, if you can share some helpful content and use it as a helpful resource point, people will be more appreciative and likely to click on the link. Leaving it on a forum or message board means it will stay there, so it can generate traffic for months to come.

5. Organise

Finally, make sure your playlists are organised into keyword-rich formats so people who come across one of your videos can easily find all of your related content.

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