Effectively Maintain Your Sunglasses

4 Ways To Effectively Maintain Your Sunglasses

Offering a perfect blend of fashion and functionality, your sunglasses can go a long way in elevating your look and protecting your eyes. With such an important role to play, it is only natural for you to ensure that your sunglasses are best maintained. Imagine the feeling of having to discard your bucket-list hugo boss sunglasses only because of poor maintenance methods! No matter the size and amount of your purchase, a little thought and awareness in cleaning those shades can be a boon to your eyes and their life! Here are four ways in which you can effectively maintain them in the long run:

Get a Good Case: Sunglasses are tasked with the critical job of protecting your two precious dimes, so doesn’t it become essential to protect that which protects you? Therefore, one of the first things to invest in is a good case for your shades. It is best to go for a hard and slightly bigger case with a dedicated soft cloth. And while you may be tempted to pick the most stylish-looking one of the lot, remember to not compromise on the functionality of the case. Bulky rectangular variants and clip closure ones are known to provide better protection based on their practical design.

Say No to Chemical Cleaning Solutions: While cleaning your sunglasses is essential, it cannot be at the cost of compromising on their features. Therefore refrain from using cleaning solutions with chemical bases like alcohol, vinegar, or Windex. These chemicals can deteriorate the surface of the lens and render it ineffective in the long run. Besides, blowing air on the lens and wiping is no way of maintaining your shades either. Use only an optician-approved cleaning solution along with a microfibre cloth to rid your lens of dirt, dust, or smudge. To know more attractive and locative sunglasses click here.

Avoid Placing Them in Heat Absorption Places: While you may tend to believe that the job of your shades is to block sunlight, leaving them anywhere won’t pose to be much of a problem. But that is far from the truth. Leaving them on your window sill or even in the car, for that matter, can cause significant damage to their lens as they are explicitly designed to combat heat experienced by the human eye. When sun rays fall on the windshield in a car, it produces concentrated heat, and the lens, when exposed to such additional heat, can lose its surface coating.

Handle Them with Care (And Both Hands): Although it is exciting to see your favourite celeb exuding oomph and charm while taking off that sunglass on screen, it is best to leave the reel at the reel. In real life, handling your sunglasses with care and caution is paramount if you wish to extend their life span. Imagine your cherished hugo boss sunglasses gracing your eyes only for a limited time before they have to be replaced or given away only! And only because one hand handling caused one side of the arm to weaken. Not two fingers, nor one hand, but use both your hands when placing, removing, or cleaning your sunglasses.

Taking care of your sunglasses is no rocket science. All you need is the thought, right knowledge and a little time to keep them shining from dawn to dusk!

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