easy ways to clean a glass pipe

3 very easy ways to clean a glass pipe safely

How to clean a glass pipe? If you are searching all over the internet about this question, this is the right place. Read on this article to clean your glass pipe safely and smoke in a clean pipe.

Glass is the most popular, easy to clean also the safest material which is used as a smoking device. Most glass pipe smoker doesn’t like dirty glass pipe because it doesn’t work properly like the clean ones. You will never know when your favorite glass pipe gets extremely dirty and starts to develop resin, bacteria, or any other disgusting residue. Cleaning the glass pipe on regular basis ensures that the pipe is performing perfectly. So, here in this article, there are 3 very ways to clean your glass pipe safely and efficiently.

Salt and Rubbing Alcohol Method

Amazingly, the help of household items that may be stuffed in your cupboard can be useful for cleaning your glass pipe. So, you will need to make a solution that will work effectively to clean your dirty glass pipe. Combine coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol to create the solution. In addition, along with salt and alcohol, you’ll need cotton swabs or toothpicks and a plastic sandwich bag.

Firstly, use toothpicks or cotton swabs for removing as much as residue you can. Then put your glass pipe in the plastic sandwich bag and cover the bag with isopropyl alcohol. Also, add salt (1 tablespoon) to it. After, adding all of these seal the bag and start shaking it for a few minutes. Be careful, while you doing this process. Also, during this process make sure of getting the coarse salt inside the glass pipe. If any resin is left on your pipe, you can spot clean it by using cotton swabs or toothpicks. Finally, once it is fully cleaned rinse the pipe out with hot water and then dry it.

If the pipe is extremely dirty then on the solution leave it overnight or do this process several times.

Baking Soda and White Vinegar Solution

Another useful solution for cleaning the glass pipe is the baking soda and white vinegar solution.

This natural ingredient you may find in your kitchens cupboards. Here, vinegar removes wax and resin whereas baking soda helps as a water softener.

The combination of baking soda and white vinegar creates a safe chemical reaction which creates CO2 gas also gives a semi-abrasive-based solution. This perfect solution cut through greases or any buildups and your glass will be sparkling cleaned. This is a popular method because it’s easy, inexpensive, and safe.

Boiling Water

One of the simplest methods overall. Here, you don’t have to use any Ziploc or plastic sandwich bag just add your pipe to the boiling water. Soak your pipe on there for 30 minutes or 1 hour. After that, remove your pipe from the boiling water. Then use toothpicks or cotton swabs for removing the residual particles.  If any water stain remains on the pipe then soak it in a solution that consists of 2-3 tbsp of lemon juice. After finishing removing it, air-dry it.


Smoking in a clean glass is a thousand times better than smoking in dirty ones. So, as you know how to clean a glass pipe try to do it once a week rather than once a month. Hope that this article was helpful.

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