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10 tips to improve your relationship

Are you looking to improve your relationship with your partner?Regardless of the time, they have together, there are basic points that can be improved to achieve an advance in their relationship and carry out their plans in the short and medium term. Therefore, at, we present 7 tips that most psychologist recommends to improve your relationship and enjoy each moment together.

Time to improve your relationship

Set time for yourself and your partner. Share your experiences and explore new places together.

Humor to improve your relationship

Despite the daily hustle, shows a willingness to participate in the plans that your partner has, smile and give your best in the relationship.

Trust to improve your relationship

To strengthen trust it is necessary to improve communication, use phrases like “I understand that”, “it is also true that”, “therefore I suggest”.

Listen to improve your relationship

Listen carefully to their opinions, likes, and dislikes, try to understand them and share points of view.

Honey to improve your relationship

Show your affection in a habitual way, remember the day that both were conquered, do not forget the physical contact: kisses, caresses, hugs or smiles. Read more Do brain training exercises really works.

Do not compete to improve your relationship

If both are a couple, think of team solutions, do not try to show that you have more intelligence or ability over something, even if they exchange opinions and complement one another.

Do not criticize to improve your relationship

No human being is perfect and as time passes you can notice “more” errors in your partner. Do not try to correct it and less scold it, practice tolerance and respect.

Why strengthen the relationship with your partner?

A study published in the journal Stress and conducted by the University of Chicago indicates that being married or having a stable partner reduces the so-called ” stress hormone” or cortisol. According to the researchers, it may be because it may be easier to solve and deal with problems “between two”.

If the distance is an obstacle, there is no excuse! , studies at Cornell University, found that although it may seem strange, couples from a distance can create a closer bond in their relationship ; mainly for two reasons: there is a greater willingness to get to know each other more and to idealize the couple and a greater effort is shown in the attention, since more messages, emails, and writings are sent.

Remember that the main attributes in a relationship are trust, respect, and affection. Do not limit yourself to showing how you feel about your partner!

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