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Make a French: a sexual practice so that you both enjoy yourself

Flee the monotony, get creative and make a French with your partner: a sexual position for both to enjoy. Fun and orgasms are guaranteed.

The technique originated in Europe lights beds all over the world.

A good oral sex is a guarantee of incredible orgasms, but if we combine the applied to the man -feeling- with the pleasure devoted to it – cunnilingus- , the experience will be supernatural. Learn to make a French: a sexual practice for both of you to enjoy.

Our innate curiosity and concern in taking the intimate relationship from the routine has led us to be interested in various sexual techniques and French can not be missing in our repertoire. Let your imagination fly, enjoy and acquire power over your partner including this practice in your catalog of alternatives for enjoyment.

Make a French: a sexual practice so that you both enjoy yourself

sexual practice

Perhaps you have heard the expression and do not know what is being talked about. “Making a French” consists of  oral sex for the enjoyment of both lovers reaching orgasm thanks to the sensations that caresses with the mouth, tongue and lips produce on the genitals.

The technique has its origins in the nineteenth century with the emergence of the first brothels in Europe, especially in France. The prostitutes achieved fame due to the quality of the blow jobs they offered. Oral sex was baptized as “making a French.”

In other words, the good practice of the prostitutes of the time popularized the expression with which today, a large part of couples, sets their beds on fire. In addition to cars, haute couture and elegant jewelry, the upper class had high-level prostitution services.

Initially, the expression referred only to oral sex applied to them. But the change of times also encompassed the pleasure provided to women through cunnilingus . A win-win game where there is language for them and for them too.

How to do it?

Interest and desire are the main ingredients to have in hand to enjoy a good French and then, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Now we go to the technique step by step.

  1. The ideal position to do French is the popular 69 , both lying in reverse positions, so that the head of the woman is at the height of the intimate area of ​​man, while his head is just within reach of the vagina of her.
  2. The woman takes the penis with force and licks from the base crossing it whole, while the man stimulates the vagina with his hands, so that they are excited little by little.
  3. Licking is accompanied by sufficiently moist kisses, as saliva in the French helps lubrication.
  4. The woman puts the penis in her mouth until what is most comfortable and combines the suction with licks. The man, meanwhile, passes his tongue erotically through the crotch, the mons pubis and the vaginal lips until reaching the clitoris .
  5. They caress and kiss gently, increasing the pleasure that is gradually enhanced with the help of the hands, she presses on the penis and he inserts one or two fingers into her vagina.
  6. Both lovers must increase the intensity of the movements until they reach the maximum moment of the relationship: a mutual orgasm , the greatest reward that a good Frenchman can provide.

Tips to enhance pleasure

To delight the couple with a good French it is important not to go directly to the peak of pleasure , but you must take some time, first to kiss your body so that when you reach the intimate area is much more excited.

  • Although it is the area to which you have to spend the most time, it is very helpful that the woman does not concentrate only on the penis, but also caresses with the tongue and touches the testicles, the perineum and the English.
  • It is conducive to maintain eye contact whenever possible, as this intensifies the excitement and gives knowledge of how they are both.
  • The accompaniment with words and moans generates more pleasure.

Achieve the ideal balance in sex with this key to intimate happiness and the tools learned. Make a French: a sexual practice for both of you to enjoy. Do you dare?

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