A new year and a new beginning. Don’t tell us you’ve decided to study graphic design? That, as design lovers we are, makes us very happy !! But first of all, we let you know. This is not going to be an easy road at all.

There are moments in life when you have to make decisions. Sometimes we make wise decisions, sometimes not so much. There are people who one day get up (or lie down, that you do not know when it survives you) and realize that they have heard the voice of Massimo Vignelli, Saul Bass or Milton Glaser, and decide that they want to devote themselves to graphic design. Read more about 8 TIPS TO STUDY GRAPHIC DESIGN

design team

5 design principles to create a better design team

When working in a design team, the impossibility of reaching a common standard is (perhaps) the main problem at the design stage.

This is because putting together so many minds (often very different) is complicated, because you often don’t have the elastic ability to receive negative feedback without taking it personally, because sometimes the feedback you receive during a design job is not sufficiently motivated creating shadows in dialogues and impassable dialectical walls. Read more about 5 design principles to create a better design team

Making the old new again

Recently I attended a conference set in the site of the Bristol Paintworks. I was impressed with how this derelict set of buildings had been transformed into a vibrant work and living space. It also seemed to illustrate the changing face of the UK’s working life as it transformed from the primary and secondary phase of industry out into the new world of the tertiary and quaternary sectors that we see today. One of the most striking features was the change in the glass of the building. Were it was a single paned original I notice that they had used double and triple to increase the buildings warmth. A role that could have been undertaken by an Emergency Glaziers in Leicester company and located at links including Read more about Making the old new again