Save energy at home

Save energy at home when summer comes

As long as you save energy you will be able to save money, this will bring you great benefits to save energy at home,

The summer is the season of the year preferred by many people, however, for others not so satisfactory, so to keep the temperature inside the home and save energy is essential for those hot days, so it may be a little more Encouraging to face the summer season, so don’t be alarmed and don’t get out of control if the heat is suffocating and extremely overwhelming. Read more about Save energy at home when summer comes

types of empathy and

The 4 types of empathy and their characteristics

Empathy is surely one of the most popular concepts in science today. Most people use it as one more word within their linguistic heritage. To define how others (or themselves) tend to get emotionally involved in their relationships.

However, empathy is a very complex phenomenon, with deep roots that sink into the human phylogenetic history. It is very true that, without it. We would not have reached the degree of social development (and cooperation) that has allowed us to get here. Read more about The 4 types of empathy and their characteristics

How to avoid risks when eating fish

How to avoid risks when eating fish

The fish is very healthy food and provides nutrients and beneficial to the human body. Even so, on some occasions, it can cause health problems due to certain bacteria, parasites or pollutants such as anisakis or mercury. So it is necessary to take certain measures when consuming it. In this One How To article, we explain how to avoid risks when eating fish. Read more about How to avoid risks when eating fish

Eggs don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat

Eggs, don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat. If anything, they help the eyes and hearts. All the health benefits. Research from the University of Sidney based on a diet with 12 eggs per week on the menu. Eggs are digested in just two hours, at least three are needed for meat. And they help the circulation of “good” cholesterol Read more about Eggs don’t believe the false myths: they don’t make you fat