yoga in the workplace

How yoga in the workplace helps you to develop

Yoga is often referred to in “recipes” to improve our lives. Yoga brings many benefits to our physical, as well as mental health. However, it happens that yoga in the workplace can also be a great ally to consider in everyday professional life.

The refresher course is to learn how to use Excel or, as well as the very important study of German, which will help you get a promotion, probably they will be the first in your Objectives List. But if one day you wake up with a great blow from the witch, your boss complains about your work and you are very stressed about the job, there are other weapons to resort to. And the sooner you arm yourself, the better you can prevent and avoid these situations! Read more about How yoga in the workplace helps you to develop

Emotional Culture

Emotional Culture and Hypochondriasis

In the evolution of the human being we have developed the ability to modulate and expand the most instinctive emotional response as we can see it work in other animal species. Much of this control consists in the ability of thought to know, elaborate, calculate basic emotional stimuli, creating sophisticated relationships between the upper cortex of the brain and the amygdala, where the harsher and elementary schemes are activated. Read more about Emotional Culture and Hypochondriasis